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Sweet and Sour

I've been in a kind of . . . in-between place . . . with my knitting projects lately.

I feel so up-in-the-air right now.  In-between seasons.  In-between normal life and not-normal-at-all life.  In-between moods.  In-between everything! 

Whenever I get to feeling all in-between, I tend to gravitate toward small things that don't require much commitment or focus.  And lately?  It's been all about my mood, which I'll describe as . . .


First, I'll show you the sweet.
(Soundtrack if you want it.)
(It's a live performance of one of my favorites.  Just sayin.)


Such a cozy room,
the windows are illuminated by the sunshine through them,
fiery gems for you, only for you . . .


And then . . . the sour!
(Soundtrack if you want it.)
(And it's not the clean version.  Just sayin.)


Now baby, baby, baby 2020
Why d'you wanna wanna hurt me so bad?
(So bad, so bad, so bad)


So.  There you have it!  Sweet and sour knitting . . . for the in-between times.


Ravelry details - with more photos - here:

Sweet . . . and . . . Sour


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Perfect soundtracks for your sweet and sour projects! I love your little house, but don't know that I can deal with futzy right now. I can, however, think of at least four friends that need and would appreciate a F**k 2020 dishcloth. Brilliant!


Best. Thing. Ever. :-) I've been in a funk too...trying to master the tubular cast-on...not sitting still long enough to do it. Using words seen on dishcloths. XOXOXO


I bought a knitted house kit too, but told myself I had to finish one of my other projects before starting it - good motivation!


Great, great post! I have been irritable too lately, feeling like I am just hanging-flapping in the air,(and not in a good way). I find it odd that somedays I am OK with all this and take it as a gift,(the stay at home thing, not the sickness), and other days -not sure Ill make it through the day without tears. It's crazy my sweet/sour moods, if not for my age I would be checking to see if I am pregnant ;-|
Will be knitting those washcloths...

Kim Sheehan

Laughing out loud today!


That little house is so stinking cute. And I'm totally with you on your sentiments about 2020, even more so than I would have been a week ago!! Great post, you made me laugh.


Both projects are GREAT!!!


2020 was suppose to be my big year! 50th wedding anniversary, cancer recovery... those will happen but the rest of 2020 can just ....like the song!


I certainly LOL! Good one. Love the little house and its soundtrack!


I am loving your music and your projects! And yeah... totally fuck 2020 and then some!


I love the project and soundtrack pairings! Your little house is so sweet, but I'm sure the washcloths are good for getting out the corona-rage. I'd knit some myself if I wasn't concerned that I'd get scolded by my 10-year-old for using a bad word.

Carolyn Seymour Thomas

I saw those on Rav--while looking for a dishcloth pattern for my youngest daughter, funny enough :) My oldest was looking over my shoulder, spotted it before I did, and scrolled over it before her sister saw it. I'm still chuckling :) So glad to see your little house! I've been hoping you'd post that soon! Sweet, indeed.


2020 had such a nice ring to it. I couldn't wait until I could start writing it on my checks. Not any more. Loved the first video. Adorable house. Working on a hat. Eventually.


INDEED!! Love it!


LOVE LOVE the dishcloths. Perfect.


YES! those washcloths made me LOL ... and I really enjoyed it ... thank you!!

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