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A Sisterly Shorthand


So . . . I have some serious Pandemic Hair going on over here.  My last haircut?  February 12.  I was due for a cut the day after Michigan's shelter-in-place order shut my hair salon down.  So, yeah.  I'm WAY past due for a good cut-and-style.

I've been working at growing out my hair for about a year now - with no real plan in mind.  Just a controlled grow-out so I can figure out what I want to do with my longer hair at some point in the future.  I'm grateful that I'm not trying to keep up a "style" or anything these days, and I'm extremely happy that I don't need to worry about color or highlights.  Just . . . trying to keep everything under control while it grows a bit.  

I've been trimming away at my bangs every few days, and I do a little "thinning" with my shaver now and again (desperate times call for desperate measures, right?), and I've dug out all the hair bands and banana clips and barrettes I can find.  It . . . works.  And someday?  My stylist will be surprised at how long my hair has gotten . . . and we'll be able to try something new.

For now?  I laugh at myself and remember playing with my hair when I was much (much) younger.  My sister and I did a lot of playing around with our hair back in the day.  And we had developed a sort of . . . shorthand . . . for talking about our hair and the "looks" we were trying to achieve.  

Most of it . . . revolved around the styles we saw on TV or movies or in magazines.

It all started with Jane Banks.


After seeing the original Mary Poppins movie (which we adored!), my sister and I both wanted "Jane hair."  Our mom styled us á là The Jane every morning before school -- a high, pulled-back ponytail on top, with our long hair streaming down our backs. (We had the bangs, too.)

After that, our styling tastes, along with our shorthand, expanded -- with heavy Brady influence.  

I always wanted my hair to be just like The Marcia -- long and straight, with a center part.  


I became very practiced at all of The Marcia Variations . . . like The Side-Barrette.  


"Barrettes crooked."

Sometimes, to really mix things up, one of us might opt for The Jan.  For us, The Jan was any kind of side-part style -- which may even have included a (daring and hard to pull off!) side ponytail.


"I'm feeling a little Jan today." 
"Hold the phone."

One Brady look we never wanted, though?  The Cindy.


If either of us ever tried to do double ponytails (just to try something different, for example) (in a weak moment), the other of us would intervene.  
Enough said. 

When we DID need to go for some sort of pulled-back look, we generally opted for The Paul Revere -- you know, just a single low ponytail.


We generally avoided The Heidi - two braids, sometimes wrapped on top of the head.  (Generally, just not a look one wanted in the 1970s.)  (Although it did work well under a ski hat.)
"Swiss Miss." 

But on occasion, we'd opt for The Ellie May -- two low ponytails (hold the curly-top), especially effective under a hat.


Our shared sisterly shorthand kept us from any number of teen-age hair style disasters.

And now, during the Pandemic, it gives us something to laugh about!  
My sister is currently working her own version of The Jane once again.  
And me?  I've reverted to The Ellie May!


Pandemic Hair.
Gotta love it!





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Ok so I have hair envy. You can pull off two pony tails! Your hair is growing out nicely. I found my senior class photo vintage 1967. Flip on one side page boy with a curl on the other side., cut chin length. I never had really long flowing hair.


I've had a lifetime of bangs...oh that Marcia was always a dream!


When I was talking to my sister on Sunday she said she had done her hair like Cindy Brady just to see if she could get a laugh out of her staff. They were all afraid to say anything until she asked how they liked her new hair style, then they agreed that Marcia was a much better option. John has offered to cut my hair, but I'm holding out for the bandanas I've ordered!


My hair is longer than it's been ever in my entire life... and it was long to begin with! I had a long braid the other day, but I really want two. Maybe tomorrow. I love your ponies!!!


This is too much fun! WAY back in the day, I desperately wanted Marcia Barrette Hair, but alas, my hair was so fine the barrettes would not stay. Sigh.

Linda W.

Right now I feel like a shaggy sheep dog. My bangs have grown past my eyes and the rest of my hair is tied back like Paul Revere. Woof! Woof! 😁


LOL - what a fun/funny/ lol post Kym. Gosh! I can't even remember when I last had a haircut. I think it's been over a year. I'm like Vicki - it is long, long, long. And not colored (for a number of years) and? I'm loving it!!

Kim Sheehan

I cut bangs when I was very tired of my hair two weeks ago. Still not sure it was a good idea.

Carolyn Seymour Thomas

I loved this trip down Memory Lane! I was a big Jane Banks girl, although we called it by a very creative name, 'Half-Up, Half-Down.' And I had forgotten all about banana clips...


Oh this post. I love it! (even though it makes me really wish I'd had a sister). I shared many of those looks, The Jane Banks when I was in 1st grade (I should dig out that photo), the Marci with the side barrettes in junior high, and I still (occasionally) pull of a side pony tail. My hair is longer now than when Dale and I got married and that's saying something. Dale did say the other day how happy he is that worrying about a haircut isn't a thing he has to do!

kathy b

Oh so so sweet! Loved seeing the hair of gold girls


At our house, the Jane was "hair up and hair down" - as in "I want hair up and hair down". Mostly back when our mom was still doing our hair. I almost achieved a Marcia for my 7th grade picture - with little gold barrettes on each side. Fun memories. But now -- I'm snipping a little off my bangs almost daily and just letting the back go. It's not the most important thing right now, but I WILL be glad to get a haircut.


You look adorable with those little pigtails! I've been mainly pulling my (wet) hair into a bun or a braid and going with it. Maybe once or twice a week, as a treat, I'll blow my hair out straight. I'm thankful that my hair is long and I can easily pull it back; even before the pandemic, my stylist used to joke about how infrequently I'd be in for a haircut. I'm pretty sure I've gotten more gray hairs since we've been home, though!


You're just enough younger than me that we had different hair role models. Of course, I ended up just having 'hippie hair". I miss that full head of thick straight hair, but maybe I'm glad I don't have so much to deal with and can easily live with my bob. You'll have enough hair to give your stylist great choices for your new do! Some day soon I hope to see the style you've collaborated on with her!


aw - I LOVE your Ellie May! ...and just think, you're now TWO months further in growing out your hair :-)

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