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Monday Again

After one of the most beautiful spring weekends I can remember, it's Monday again. 

Time to . . . 


As usual, on Mondays I share a bit of this and a little of that and things I discovered over the weekend.

(And I always start things off with my quote-of-the-week!)


"Spring work is going on with joyful enthusiasm."
    --- John Muir


If you follow along with me on Instagram, you already know about the finch nest on the top of the forsythia wreath on my front door.  The little nest is in clear view from one of the tiny windows at the top of my front door - so Tom and I have a ringside seat to all the finch-goings-on.  (We also have to be careful -- because if we get too close, Mrs. Finch gets freaked.)  All last week, Mrs. Finch was busy laying her eggs.  Each day, we'd find one more!  (There are at least 5 eggs.)  Now, though, she's in the nest all the time, incubating.  (Mr. Finch visits often to bring her food.)

It's exciting to watch this spring work going on . . . right outside our door.



It was 100 years ago this year that the Nineteenth Amendment was ratified and passed in the US.  (That would be the one giving women the right to vote.)  2020 was meant to feature big celebrations commemorating this most important event . . . although, like so many other big celebrations, these events, too, are moving into the #together/apart realm.

Here's an interesting thing: The women's suffrage movement 100 years ago ALSO ran into a pandemic!  Yes, my friends.  Our suffragette sisters had to fight through the Spanish Flu to get their message heard!  Strange how things come around, isn't it?  Here's a great article about the women's suffrage movement and the Spanish Flu pandemic if you're interested in learning more.



A couple of Mondays ago, I shared an invitation to a free Zoom-workshop sponsored by The Makerie that my sister and I were planning to attend.  It was called a Playful Pause, and it was just that!  It was a well-done, little breath-of-fresh-air workshop that made both of us feel a little bit pampered - and a whole lot inspired.

Well.  I'm happy to let you know that Playful Pause 2 is happening this Wednesday, May 6.  (Here are the details.)  This time, the group project involves paper . . . and I think that sounds fascinating and fun.  It's free -- and easy to sign up. Come on along!  Join us!



And now a word sponsored by CoronaLisa . . . 

I'm sure many of you - like me - are emerging from your "pandemic trances" and settling in (at least a little bit and mostly begrudgingly) to our newly-changed lives.  I know I am finding a little more focus in my days, though I'm still quite surprised by the bizarre nature of time (but oh well, we can't have everything I suppose).  Still.  It's easy for me to end up going down a rabbit hole of despair, thinking about what I've lost and, of course, paying too much attention to the news of the day.

I found this little article from The Atlantic - about two "errors" in our thinking about the pandemic - to be helpful for me in understanding my own despair and rabbit-holing.  Maybe it'll help you, too?  Let me know what you think!



Stuck at home . . . no travel coming up anytime soon . . . let's have some Armchair Adventures instead!

The New York Times has started a new feature: The World Through a Lens, a new in-depth look at some exotic locations around the world. Their first destination?  Easter Island!  Come along for a great Armchair Adventure with me.


That's it for me this Monday morning.  
I hope your week is off to a great start!

(Oh . . . and how could I forget?)





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Great article. I think, for me at least, the disappointment stage is waning. I am starting to add things to the calendar and I am savoring some of this newfound slowness.

Carolyn Seymour Thomas

So...IF I happened to be a conspiracy theorist, I'd have to wonder about the whole timing thing of pandemics & women's voices. Hm?
That's a fantastic nest photo there, and lucky you & Tom! We watched a nest above our cottage door last summer, but it required some *very* awkward stepstool balancing. Enjoy the sweet ringside seat!
I'll be 'seeing' you on Wednesday! So glad they're continuing Playful Pauses!


I also enjoyed that Playful Pause, but am really looking forward to the 2nd... I think the "project" will be a bit more interesting to me, for one thing.

That finch nest is so cool... I wonder how long before those eggs hatch. I'm sure you'll keep us informed. ;)



I am really excited about this Playful Pause as well! This will really be outside my comfort zone - and I can hardly wait!

Those eggs! :)


Thanks for sharing your finch nest and updates, and that Atlantic article may be the best one I've read during the whole pandemic. I've sent it on to several friends and will re-read it often to try and avoid confusing disappointment with regret and uncertainty with risk. Thank you!


Oh I love that sweet nest and the eggs. I can't wait for the updates from you on your bird family.


You might have only a week or so before you starting seeing the babies come forth! We had a finch nest near our patio and it was almost 2 weeks to the day! How fun to watch a happy family. Birds have been my salvation (Mylo LOVES them). I took the last Playful pause, but 45 in my internet died (a regular occurrence), sadly. I look forward to playing with paper!


Love the nest Kym! 5 eggs...Mr. Finch will be very busy once they all hatch! I'm looking forward to relaxing with these articles and a nice glass of wine 'round 5:00. Happy Monday my friend!

Kim Sheehan

I would love to join one of those workshops if it ever works out.


I have a playful pause on my calendar for Wednesday! And I'm off to read that article from The Atlantic, I'll take any insight I can get right now.


Thank you for sharing that Atlantic article - I had it bookmarked to share and then never did. I found the concepts to be incredibly helpful. In some ways it seems like it's getting easier (we are, after all in week 8), but then a headline - or an interview - comes out and I spiral right back down. Here's to the rest of this week being better!

kathy b

I love your finch family # I will read the Atlantic tomorrow. I'm pooped from gardening today and some emotional phonecalls over the weekend


Love the nest! And the pictures of Easter Island are stunning. He must have an amazing camera to match his very good eye. I was amused to read that he defines "off the coast" as 2,200 miles. Like saying that Massachusetts and Nebraska are neighbors. I get that he was telescoping geography for us, but it was still funny. Zoom means they get to see all your wrinkles in high relief, right? Otherwise I would love Playful Pause. Going now to read the Atlantic article now. You've got me very busy this morning, Kym.


I've so been enjoying watching your updates on the nest. Last summer we had a robin's nest in the tree right outside my bedroom window, and it was such fun to watch the process.

Thanks for all the useful links! I'm off to read that Atlantic article.

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