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A Wild and Crazy Summer Coming Up

What happens when a normally monogamous knitter suddenly has a summer fling or two (or three or four)?

I'm not exactly sure.
But it looks like a wild and crazy summer ahead!

While knitting another hat for my son (finished now, but no photos yet), I started dabbling with this . . . 


Fiddly knitting. Fun, though! (Those striped roofs. They get me every time.) This is kind of . . . well, that "bad boy" you really shouldn't date. But you do anyway because he's so exciting and a bit unpredictable, and besides -- he's really hot, and who doesn't need to let loose once in a while, right?

To balance things out, there's this . . . 


Simple and soothing. Level-headed. Dependable. Kind of like strawberry ice cream. This is . . . well, you know. That steady-freddy kind of boy you can really count on! Always polite and well-behaved. Your dad really likes him, and your friends all think he's cute. It's a good thing to have a steady-freddy in your life, but . . .

Oh, that's not all!

There are bunnies to make (they're . . . the neighbor's cute cousins, visiting for the summer -- and who can resist them???), and a baby sweater, too (that obligatory date your well-meaning co-worker set you up with).

Oh, yeah.
It's going to be a Wild and Crazy summer here, with quite the cast of characters!

Stay tuned.


How about YOU? What are you making this summer?


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Looks like fun and options for whatever knitting mood strikes.


The neighbors cousins! (Mine was Mark Wise...he was SO CUTE!) I'm knitting Anker's Summer Shirt in re-claimed cotton. Had I known there were 40 rows of K1 P1 I'm not sure I would have chosen it but I've got 8 left (we're in the 200 stitches rows...) and then stockinette heaven! Love your multi-project self!


I love those houses but I know myself well enough to know that I would not enjoy knitting them. I'll just be over here knitting NightShift. The rows are getting rather long now.


I'm with Carole - I love the houses, but I know I would hate knitting them! And those cute, but another fiddly project I would not enjoy. But...I'll have fun watching your progress!!

Kim Sheehan

I have no idea what I will make this summer. It will have beads though.


OMG you have sent me down the 'rabbit hole' of knitting joy!!!! Both projects are just wonderful, and I can't wait to get started on the little houses-perfect way to use up stash yarn. THANK YOU!!!!!


YES!! I have had a couple of false starts with the baby version of the Safe At Home Blanket over the past couple of days, and there are some design details to work out, but I'm locating my groove.


Oh those houses! Every time I see that pattern I’m tempted. Unfortunately I’m remaining mostly faithful to my Elton even though the mohair rows are so slow! I also decided to knit a bunch of charity hats from my leftovers. It would be so lovely to see that bag of worsted weight yarn empty. Then there is the lacy crescent shawl scarf. I do think my youngest granddaughter needs a cute bunny.

kathy b

So far, I am all about the shawls. I finished that cute baby sweater dress and it got a great reception. Im going to check my stash before dinner now.

Kat Christensen

I am thrown monogamous knitting right out the window, lol. I am trying to knit a pair of socks, that linen sweater, and catch up on my Lunar Fade. (and I am ignoring the woolly things in my knitting bag right now!)


Wild and crazy summer indeed! I still have to cast on my Tegna, but I'm slogging through my Breathe and Hope shawl. And of course the TTL MKAL starts next week, and I have a pair of socks on the needles as I usually do. Oh, and there's also the crochet blanket. But amid all this I can't stop spinning!


The houses are fabulous and it will be a wonderful accomplishment to show off and enjoy. I need to find something exciting for my summer fling. I've got the tried and true socks as my knitting meditation.


Wild and crazy summer - sounds like my knitting right now. Usually I have only three projects going but nothing quite satisfies me, so I stash dive and cast on something else. That is about as wild and crazy as this summer is going to be. I love your houses and the strawberry cream project. Let's see right now I have a shawl, a pair of wee mittens, a pair of socks, and a little bear on the needles.


oh I LOVE how you give personalities to your projects! I'm honestly not sure how my summer is going to shape up making-wise, but I can practically guarantee the only "ends to weave in" project will be a crocheted afghan!

gale z

I hear you! I am trying really hard to stick to the projects I have already started BUT.....
PS thise houses with the striped roofs! So great.

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