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My New (ab)Normal

I haven't picked up my paintbrushes since the pandemic canceled my watercolor classes in early March.

I've wanted to.
I think about painting quite a lot.
I even organized all my painting stuff.

I just . . . haven't.

So I was really excited when my watercolor instructor contacted me two weeks ago and explained she was going to do a "pilot" watercolor class on Zoom . . . and she asked me if I'd like to participate. 

Hell YES!  


Last night was our first class. (Bonus about Zoom classes: I can even do this from our cabin up north . . . where we are this week.)  It wasn't without its technical glitches, that's for sure.  But I think she'll work things out as we go.  (After all, this is a "pilot" class.)  I don't know that this format would work for a beginning class, but for this group . . . well, we all know each other because we've been painting together for years, and we've got the watercolor basics down already.  So that helps in this new format.

It felt really good to get everything set up before class.


And to just work through lesson elements in my little sketchbook.


It felt nice.
Almost (but not quite) . . . normal.
I guess you could say it was my new (ab)normal.


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How wonderful! Little bits of time doing what you love.


What a nice treat and hopefully kick start to the new normal. I once worked for a lawyer where I was known as the (ab)normal secretary. People would call, get me and ask for the normal secretary! And I'm almost finished with the book! :-)


Look at you, with all your brushes in a case! Hooray for picking up those brushes again and painting that lovely watercolor. Sometimes the new (ab)normal can be exciting and creative!

Carolyn Seymour Thomas

I'll bet that felt GREAT! And I was wondering if you'd be getting up to your cabin. Good to have a change of scenery?!


Fun, fun, fun! I bet that a) it is so nice to be up at the cabin & lake and b) so nice to get back to painting. Enjoy!!


Lovely! It must feel great to have that little bit of normality, even if it is in a slightly different format.


Zoom watercolor classes sound divine! (and your flower - a crocus? - is gorgeous!)

Margene Smith

I've found any connection to BP (before pandemic) is good for me. Being part of a class would be so fun. I'm sure your instructor will work out the problems, too. We will all have to find (and enjoy) our new abby normals.

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