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It's kind of interesting going through a global pandemic . . . with a scientist.

Tom has spent his entire career as an organic chemist working in the pharmaceutical industry.  He's particularly interested in following along with all the science-y information coming out about COVID-19 these days.  He's knowledgable about - and really good at explaining - the issues and progress being reported every day. He helps me understand how fast the COVID-19 science is moving right now, and how much scientists are learning all the time.  He trusts that science . . . will figure this out!

And that's really comforting.

What does concern him?  Why . . . all the people out there who doubt and second-guess science!


Because, like Tom's coffee mug says, we NEED science.
Now more than ever.

Yesterday, Tom forwarded an article to me that was written by Dr. Paul Wood, one of his former colleagues (who is now a professor at a university in Australia).  The article offered a brief summary of how the science is progressing in different areas related to COVID-19 . . . in more simple terms that non-scientists can understand, and without the hype of news reporting.  It brought some comfort to me yesterday, so I thought I'd share a few things with you, too.

Here goes (these are all direct quotes from his article):

Vaccines: We already make vaccines to several corona viruses in animals, so we know how to make a vaccine to SARS-2 covid -19. It will just take some time, but with dozens of groups around the world working on this problem rapid progress is being made. The first vaccines will use conventional vaccine processes as we do not have time to develop, scale and validate a new manufacturing process.

Anti-viral agents: Very quickly we have screened all the currently registered drugs for activity against this virus and there are several promising candidates. Once we determine the correct dose these drugs can be used to treat infected patients. Drug companies also have libraries of millions of new compounds and these are also being screened for more effective new anti-viral agents.

Passive Antibody therapy: This treatment has been used for centuries and works well for viral infections. You take antibodies from people who have recovered from the infection and inject them into infected individuals. The problem is we don’t currently have enough people who have recovered from covid-19 to donate their blood. The other solution is to make these neutralizing antibodies in the lab, using humanised monoclonal antibodies that we can produce at scale as recombinant proteins. We then use a cocktail of these recombinant antibodies to different parts of the virus to treat patients. The first of these products is already being tested in humans.

So.  Yeah.  I know.  It's still science.  (And those scientists do have a language all their own.)  But maybe it helps . . . to know that scientists around the world are working hard - all the time - to figure out all they can about COVID-19 and how to overcome it.  

Science works.  
Trust it. 




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And as we like to say...better living through chemistry! Thanks Tom and Kym!


Excellent explanation! Hearing all the work by scientist out there gives me hope.


My sister & I were discussing the importance of avoiding most of the news and paying attention to what the researchers and scientists are's pretty amazing and hopeful!

Kim Sheehan

Thank you so much for posting this. I'm feeling ok today now!


I stumbled upon Elsevier's coronavirus information website, and spent some hopeful time reading scientific research articles. I've always viewed Elsevier as a sort of greedy publisher of journals, but they have made tons of information (research, clinical guidance, drug therapy, etc.) free to access. Justin's girlfriend is a vet tech and we have had conversations about the coronavirus vaccinations she routinely gives to dogs. It seems like a simple step to humans, but there are pesky details to deal with. But Science gives me hope and I do trust it!


It's a great article! And science is where it's at, baby.


Amen. Thank you Kym and Tom! I was just thinking how a) I'm glad my parents are not alive right now...because they would both be over 100...and b) how interested my Dad would have been in the science of this. Like Tom, my Dad was a chemist though his field was agriculture and pesticides. Still...he would have been very, very interested.


Thank you for decoding the information I hear in snippets and for giving me more solid ground for hope!

kathy b

THAT IS tHE BEST ThING IVE READ TODAY. IM passing along on Ravelry on our group and to all my friends in my circle!! THANK YOU


It's like a vacation to come here and hear science respected! At our house, there's a lot of playing with data, because finding formulas that fit data is the thing my resident scientist spent the most recent part of his career doing. I am encouraged when I talk to my Connecticut kids, who are working every day at their dining room table, helping with drug research and supporting researchers. But I also am discouraged at well, you know . . .

There's hope, and there are smart, curious people who would love to solve this problem. Thanks for sharing!


Thank you! With all the daily news briefings, partisan bickering, and conjecture this gave me great comfort. Sometimes it just takes one clear voice to cut through all the noise. 😀


Sigh, the people who don't believe in science make me all rage-y. Believe or don't believe, but it's a fact! I do appreciate how you've broken this down and simplified it. There is so much activity on so many fronts to deal with this virus that it can be hard to understand what's going, so thank you for making it easier to get it.


There are people that don't believe in Science?? Oh yes, THOSE people. Since viruses are notoriously difficult, if not impossible to corral, it comforts me to hear you say that science had already had success with corona vaccines in animals. Apparently a lot of work has already been done. It gives me hope. Thank you Kym and Tom!


Thanks for a little ray of hope today.

Carolyn Seymour Thomas

Last week, my son asked, "What if this NEVER goes away?" And my husband said, "There are too many really. smart. scientists in the world for that to happen. They'll figure this out." Thanks, Kym + Tom!!


I have been giving thanks for the scientists... daily. (and really, can we just have the scientists talk more (and much less of the would-be-monarch who spouts so much nonsense??)


As a former science teacher (biology) it is disappoint to see the number of people who feel like science is another 'opinion'. It's more like facts don't care what you believe. I am so glad for the scientists out their bustin' buns to find a solution. Like nurses and doctors they are working to keep our ignorant A$$es safe.


Yes Science! It is so refreshing to read this perspective. I would echo Helen above - Science is not just another opinion.


Thanks for sharing! It's crazy that the scientists and "real" doctors are having to talk above the crowd to be heard right now.

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