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(Today's post features Really Bad Photos.)
(But it's a nice story all the same.)

In my neighborhood, our mailboxes are all out at the street at the end of our driveways.  That way, the mail deliverers can just drive up and pop the mail in our boxes, easy-peasy.  A lot of people have little garden beds around their mailbox posts, so in the spring and summer I like checking out the plantings to see what's blooming. (I often have to resist the urge to pull other people's weeds, but that's another story). It's a bit early for all that right now, though, so mostly I don't notice the mailboxes at this point in the season.


Last Saturday, I was out for a walk in my neighborhood with JoJo.

As we were walking, something brightly colored caught my eye.  Too early for blooms!  Turns out . . . it was a little painted rock at the base of a mailbox post.


As we walked a little further, I noticed another . . . 


I found painted rocks at the base of signposts, too. . .


They weren't at every mailbox, nor were they at every post.  But there were enough of them that . . . I started looking!


There was even one at the foundation of our neighborhood "landmark" (a big metal barn just down the road) . . . 


I have no idea who placed these painted rocks, or if they're meant to be part of some activity for kids in the neighborhood, or a sort of Easter egg hunt maybe???  All I know . . . is that they brought me great joy as we walked!

I was kind of sad . . . that I hadn't noticed  a painted rock at the base of MY mailbox.  

But when I got to my corner, I caught a little flash of orange!


We live on a corner, and have a city-installed brick retaining wall next to the sidewalk (which the snowplows hit every winter, so the city has to replace the bricks every spring) -- and there was a sweet little orange rock on the retaining wall.

I was SO excited to find it there!  A bright spot on my corner!


I have no idea who is behind these bright and charming painted rocks in my neighborhood (probably a crafty mom cooped up with her kids and desperately looking for things to do. . . ), but they have been a wonderful sight on my walks!

These days, it's really all about the little things that brighten our days.  
(And especially unexpected painted rocks embellished with glitter and pipe cleaners!)


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This reminds me of Sarah’s post, wth the painted rocks in her n’hood, and of some of the great signs others have shared from their walks (Bonny’s, especially). It’s amazing just how much joy these things bring now, how much appreciated they are.


I know you don't do Facebook anymore but I'd be willing to be there's something on there about this painted rock business. How fun that you get to experience this treasure hunt!


Thanks for sharing all of these cool rocks! If you ever find out who did them, you can tell them they brightened the day for someone in NJ!


They also brightened my day in PA!! Love the pipe cleaner and glitter too. I've heard of painted rocks and actually seen some, but I can't remember what it was all about. If you find out, let us know! Glad you saw so many.


I've been so cheered by seeing the ways people are trying to raise everyone's spirits around the neighborhood. On my walk on Monday, I noticed quite a few teddy bears (and other stuffed animals) in windows, and I expect I'll see more signs and painted rocks and chalk drawings as time goes on.

Kim Sheehan

If I have acrylic paints I might give that a try. It is a very fun thing!


This is so great! Someone was putting them out at the lake last summer. I was so excited to find one in the middle of the woods!


So Cool, Kym! I've seen a lot of stories lately about little Easter Eggs like this ... and this morning I spied something in a tree that I thought might be a painted rock. I investigated and discovered a half-eaten apple. needless to say, it was NOT nearly as inspiring....

Julia in KW

😘 look for reasons to smile!


Well, how lovely are those little rocks! I have visions of little kidlets having tons of fun putting them all around! Thank you for sharing!

kathy b

I feel like that would be a really fun thing to be involved with.....


I love that someone has left bits of joy on your neighborhood!


So now there is rock-bombing! So quick, fun and relatively germless. Looks like this idea has already gotten legs. Thank you for brightening my day.


How fun! I love this idea. You posted about sidewalks chalked with pictures and encouraging words so Smith went on a search yesterday (my search was fruitless) and he found a set of 2 pieces of sidewalk chalk. I'll be writing and drawing pics around my condo today! Thank you for sharing hope! xo


That's so fun!! The kids found painted rocks last summer at the park where we had some family photos done. As I recall, it was an organized effort (there was some sort of identifier), but there for the taking -- or relocating. New discoveries are EXCITING!!

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