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Monday, Right?


It's time, once again, to . . . 


As usual, on Mondays I share a bit of this and a little of that.  Things I discovered over the weekend.


"We must be willing to let go of the life we've planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us."
                --- Joseph Campbell


Stunning forsythia, isn't it?  Sadly, it's not in my garden!  (But I do get to walk past it every day.)



We're living in amazing times, my friends.

We're all part of history-in-the-making.  With ring-side seats. 

Now is the perfect time . . .  to create a Pandemic Journal!  As a life-long journaler, this was kind of a no-brainer for me (and someday soon I'll tell you more about my own Pandemic Journal), but if you hadn't thought of doing this yet, maybe this article will inspire you to give it a try.  As you'll read in the article, a Pandemic Journal doesn't have to be fancy or formal -- just some easy, low-key way for you to document what's going on for you in these very strange times.  (Future You will be so glad you did!)

Are you keeping a Pandemic Journal?  I'd love to hear about it!



We're all missing something these days, aren't we?  Me?  I miss the gym.  My sister?  She's missing live performance.  And especially musicals and plays.  Lucky for her (and maybe for you, too), I found this list of streaming theater in the New York Times over the weekend.  Click in to see what's streaming online.  Classic stage productions, new shows, Broadway extravaganzas -- there's something for everyone!  (And the seats are comfy, too.)



Cooking at home.  Pretty much . . . it's our only option these days.  I consider myself lucky right now because I actually love to cook, and I have a fairly well-stocked pantry.  My biggest frustration comes from not always having quite the ingredients I want.  I've gotten pretty good at just winging it (generally), but I found this comprehensive article about substitutions to be really helpful.  Maybe it will help you, too.  (Again, this article is from the New York Times.  They have an amazing cooking section -- and have expanded access to many recipes in their index during the pandemic.)



And now, a message from CoronaLisa:

Worried about disinfecting your groceries?  Do read this article from NPR about what you SHOULD be worried about at the grocery store.  (And it's NOT disinfecting your groceries when you get home.)  This is good, practical advice for safe grocery shopping during the pandemic.



Mary has decided why wait for summer . . . and created Stay-At-Home Book Bingo this year.  Visit Mary to learn the rules of this special-edition round of Book Bing and create your own bingo card.  Come on along for this fun stay-at-home diversion!



And, finally, from the Look for Joy department:  

A visit to Longwood Gardens is on my lifetime bucket list of things I want to do.  I won't be getting there for an in-person walk through their gardens anytime soon . . . but I can make virtual visits to their gardens right now!  Click in -- for short but stunning "walks," and see spring emerging at Longwood Gardens whenever you need a break from your day.


That's it for this Monday!  I hope your week is off to a good start.  Be well!


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I'll meet you at Longwood Gardens when this is all over! I usually go at least once/year and try for at least twice because there is something to see in every season, but this year is obviously different. Thanks for sharing walks through Longwood even though we can't be there.


And I'll join you and Bonny at Longwood Gardens - a gorgeous place not far from us! I enjoyed the NPR article - particularly the part that said to skip the gloves. I had been wondering about that and am glad to hear they aren't necessary!! Thanks Kym.


So many good reads here Kym. The NPR article ...wonderful. I have not understood the glove thing and washing,(disinfected) groceries. Glad to read a reasonable article regarding this issue. My mantra: wash hands, wash hands, don't touch face, don't touch face!
Thanks Kim


I'd love to join you, Bonny, and Vera at the Longwood Gardens when this is all a distant memory!

Thank you for the excellent links!

(oh, and I am keeping a sort of pandemic journal - I am writing down some of the news highlights, and my thoughts and feelings. Thank you for the link - that article has some excellent ideas!)


Sounds like a road trip to Longwood Gardens... I'm in!!


Grocery apps have been downloaded to my phone for all the major stores around here. They do pickup or delivery and I am grateful for the option. Constant hand washing has led to rough, red and even bleeding hands. This is the desert and lotion helps only some. So, Aquafor and cotton gloves at night have helped with healing. NYT food section has been a fave of mine for awhile. Thank you for all the links. I'm going for a stroll in Longwood as Red Butte is closed. xo

Carolyn Seymour Thomas

Oh my gosh! I was last at Longwood Gardens the summer I was 13 years old! But I have such vivid memories of it. (My Dad is a huge Frank Lloyd Wright fan). I don't know about you, but I'm feeling like I want to attack my List of 100 Dreams with gusto when this pandemic is over. While I'm actually NOT much of a journaler...which seems kind of strange for a writer, but so be it...I HAVE been keeping a COVID-19 journal. A few lines a day. Simple. The lower the expectations, the more likely I am to keep it. It's interesting to me already, because some days read like no other would. And other days are quite the un-reality trip.


My museum group tried to organize a overnight trip to Longwood Gardens. Plans fell through as we needed quite a few members of the museum to commit to the trip and timing was not right. As the days slip by I wonder how many of our spring day arts tours will be cancelled. I’ve been giving serious thought to a pandemic journal especially after a friend sent a wonderful video on the importance of marking this time in history. Thanks for the NPR article. They are the best.


So funny, I literally just finished reading that NPR article about the grocery store and shared it on social media. Good advice in that but I'm mostly trying to avoid going completely. I started journaling about the pandemic almost immediately - it's good to track my daily life and it also help me cope with all of this.


I'll meet you all at Longwood Gardens too. Sounds like an excellent road trip. I just filled three pages to start my pandemic journal. I'd been thinking about it...thanks for the push. xo


aw, thanks for the SAH Book Bingo plug! I'm delighted by the response ... and checking in our cards is a regular part of our Sunday Zooms :-) I'm glad spring is appearing Up There. The pin oak in our front yard is finally sporting leaves ... just a few! and I am missing the pastel colors of early spring, but welcoming the shades of green. All the Shades!


I wanted to start journaling again this year (I used to do it all the time as a teen/young adult), so I started a new notebook on January 1 -- but then I didn't write again until the pandemic started. But now I'm glad I have it. I try to write a short entry every day, and inspired by Mary I'm noting (at a minimum) three things I accomplished that day and five things that brought me joy. They don't have to be big things, but they're a good reminder that everything counts and that even in dark times there can be happiness.


I journal regularly so my thoughts on this time are part of my journal. Some great ideas in this post. Thank you. Where are the Longwood Gardens located?

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