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Monday Morning

. . . you sure look fine!

(And I have a week's forecast with no snow in it.)
(For that, I am grateful!)

Time to . . . 


As usual, on Mondays I share a bit of this and a little of that.  Things I discovered over the weekend.


"Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness.  It took me years to understand that this too, was a gift."
            --- Mary Oliver


(This is the creek I pass each day on my walks.  In the background, you can see the chartreuse green of the willow trees leafing up.  I love that color!)



For years, my sister has been a big fan of The Makerie - a Boulder, Colorado based maker's retreat host and general advocate of . . . hand craft, slow-making, and pauses for creativity.  (They have an awesome manifesto.) (I am a total sucker for a good manfesto.)  It is one of our sisterly-dreams . . . that we will go to a Makerie workshop together someday.  The sad truth, though, is that in the time it takes her to send me a text about an upcoming workshop, the thing sells out (in mere seconds), and we've never been able to sign up for one.  (And now??? Who knows when we'll be able to even see each other, let alone attend a real-life workshop together. . . )

So.  Imagine my delight when my sister sent me a link to sign up for a Zoom-style Makerie workshop!  It's called A Playful Pause and it's this Wednesday - April 22 - from 3-4 pm Eastern Time.  We have no idea what to expect -- but it looks interesting and it's free and it was easy to sign up!

Want to join us?



Here's an interesting thing to watch . . . a Live Deep Sky Tour from the McDonald Observatory (The University of Texas at Austin - my alma mater!  Hook 'em Horns!)  So nerdy -- but so very cool!  This hour-long YouTube video is surprisingly interesting -- and perfect for right now . . . y'know . . . when it's nice to remember the world is bigger than our houses.

Give it a watch!



Tired of sewing face masks?  Ready to move on to sewing another useful thing?  Tessuti Fabrics is offering their super-cute cross-back apron pattern for free (download version only) right now.  Besides being a sucker for a good manifesto, I also get a little weak-in-the-knees about cross-back aprons!  And this design is a good one.  

Check it out -- and make one for yourself!



As we dig deep into our pantries for ingredients these days, it's good to know what those "expiration dates" really mean.  Did you know . . . they really don't mean much at all???  (I kinda knew this already.) (But the date-thing still freaks me out sometimes.)  


Here's the low-down on food expiration dates, with suggestions on which dates you should pay attention to. . . and which dates you can ignore.  Good-to-know information for These Days. . .



I know many of you already subscribe to Clara Parkes' The Daily Respite (and if you haven't, you might want to; there is a free subscription or an optional for-pay version) so you've likely already seen what I'm about to share.  But this is so cool I just have to post it, too!  Even if you've watched it already (or maybe . . . 10 times or more) (like me), you may find some joy from watching it again!


Murmuration from Islands & Rivers on Vimeo.


Here's to a safe and healthy week for all of us!


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Thanks for the apron link - Sean and I were just discussing making an apron like that. And I'm very tempted to join you on Wednesday for that workshop . . .


Thanks for the apron link! That is most appreciated! But, the McDonald Observatory video... wow. Fascinating (including the astronomer humor! lol)

And, the makerie link! (yes, I will join you! needle and thread in hand!)

Happy Monday!


Thanks Kym for all the wonderfulness on your blog today! Love the apron and I am an apron maker, testing my printer as I type to print pattern. The Makerie link, over the top. I had no idea they were just down the road from me! Will have to keep a watchful eye that site. And that Vimeo clip, I will be watching that several times this week. Love the girls laugh at the end...

You have a wonderful week too.


Gosh, isn't murmuration a wonderful word to go with an incredible sight? Thank you for a bunch of great links to start off my week.


I've signed up for The Makerie workshops! Heidi Parkes led the Visible Mending Workshop I attended last spring!! And I've downloaded that apron pattern (THANK YOU!)... I've already done my warm-ups for that project. Haha!

Carolyn Seymour Thomas

So much good stuff! You are an amazing curator, Kym. (That's just about the highest compliment I can give, BTW!) It's funny that you mention The Makerie. I live about a half-hour from them, and I, too, have YET to make it for a retreat! (In fact, my retreatant friend and I gave up last spring and had our own at our cabin in the woods for a few days!) So I am marking my calendar to join you!

Carolyn Seymour Thomas

Okay. So I just signed up. And I have to laugh...this is the first 'event' I've written in my planner since March 14!!!


As always, so much good stuff in your Monday posts! I'm lucky enough to have received a cross-back apron that my SiL made for a Christmas gift and now I can return the favor. And I'm going to try and join the Makerie Pause (especially if I can find some embroidery floss)! Thanks for the rewind on the murmuration video; I could say that word all day!


I could watch the murmuration for hours and I am excited to take deep sky tour! Plus, I have signed up for the Makerie workshop. I had the same reaction as Carolyn-something to add to my planner! YAY! Thank you for all the links and information, Kym! You're a treasure especially during this "down" time (but, truly, for always). xo

kathy b

I think we are having a meteor shower this week. Tonight is stormy and clouds.....but I think it starts wed around here. It would be very fun to see from the hot tub . Hubby spent the day scrubbing it while I scrubbed the porch


You always have such great inspiration - thanks


The murmuration video was just what I needed this evening. Thank you.


Such fun links Kym - thank you! Our local classical/jazz radio station has a "Star Date" every day (morning and late afternoon) that is from the McDonald Observatory. Always interesting stuff. Love the Apron (have ordered the digital pattern) - thinking of Christmas gifts!! I would love to join you for the Makerie, but...I will be working...(still, grateful to have my job).


I shall be working as well (okay with it but would love a week off at home...) but soooo many good links here. Thank-you as always for bringing it to us in a meaningful and always fun way! xo


so much good stuff, Kym - thank you! I saw the Tessuti pattern and wondered about making it ... I fell in love with the cross-back aprons that the BA Test Kitchen team wears. My experience, though, with Tessuti's patterns hasn't been great (I've made a shift and a top) - how is this one?


Thank you Kym. Your blog is one of the bright spots of my morning in this time of anxious shopping and delayed gratification of almost everything from a big hug from a little one to merely a place/arena to show off a new knitted or sewn creation. (Is even Rhinebeck at risk??). BTW I love how they call that swarm of starlings a mere “collection.” It was more like a collection of swarms. At least we have nature as your video reminds us. Glad to see your NYT reference although we don’t have access to the whole article. Checking expiration dates can become a hobby.

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