Neighborhood Joy
Just In Case You Lost Track

Finding Solace

Yesterday, we enjoyed an absolutely perfect spring day here in my corner of the world.  There was sunshine and blue sky all day long.  It was warm enough to work out in my garden - did you hear that? in my garden! - without even a jacket.  It felt so good to pull out my little garden cart and pull on my garden gloves for a while!


I spent two glorious hours cutting back dead stalks and ripping out dead grasses and pulling some incredibly vigorous weeds.  It was wonderful.  So good for my heart and my soul.

And for those two hours, I (almost) forgot about the rest of the world.  It felt surprisingly normal in my garden . . . where everything is doing just what it's supposed to do in the spring.  Emerging. Unfurling. Budding. Growing. Even blooming!  I was reminded that . . . 

Despite everything.
Spring is here.

I found solace working in my garden. A little reprieve from the bad news. A feeling of normalcy. A connection with nature. I could breathe out there. And dream of a future that looked beautiful.


I'm sure I won't be able to get out in my garden every day (because Spring in Michigan. . . ), but I'm going to get out there whenever I possibly can.  I'm looking for moments of solace.  And I always find them in my garden.


May your weekend be filled with peace, and may you find the solace you need.

Here's a poem to set you on your way. . . 


blessing the boats
Lucille Clifton

(at St. Mary's)

may the tide
that is entering even now
the lip of our understanding
carry you out
beyond the face of fear
may you kiss
the wind then turn from it
certain that it will
love your back     may you
open your eyes to water
water waving forever
and may you in your innocence
sail through this to that


Learn more about Lucille Clifton here.