The Days . . . They Fly: A Random Post
Friday is for Poetry

Because I Know You've Been Singing It Too

There is one song that just keeps playing in an endless loop in my head these days.  And I bet it's been playing in yours, too, maybe.

So let's all have a sing-along today . . . to celebrate my first pandemic knit!  
Because . . . it's finally done: my big, cozy, comfy, stay-at-home, pandemic sweater.  
Now with ALL NEW pandemic hair styling!

Sing along with me now!
Everybody. . . 

It's the end of the world as we know it
(time I had some time alone)


It's the end of the world as we know it
(time I had some time alone)


It's the end of the world as we know it
(time I had some time alone)


And I feel fine!


The sweater is knit from this pattern, and you can find all the details here on Ravelry.


And, just to end on a fun note, check out this "unplugged" version of REM doing It's the End of the World As We Know It. . .



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I love it - the sweater, your better pocket placement, pandemic hair styling, and the fun that I think you and Tom must have during photo shoots. There are always plenty of laughs and smiles. It seems like he's a pretty good baker; how are his hair-cutting skills? Congratulations on your great End of the World As We Know It sweater!


Love it! It's gorgeous, practical and fun...just like you! :-)

Carolyn Seymour Thomas

What a great smile on your face! Love the new knit, and that pop of yellow chair & table back there!!


Everything about this is wonderful! I love the sweater and I think your hair looks fabulous!


Love the sweater, love your hair, mostly I love your smiles. So wonderful!!

Kim Sheehan

I've been trying NOT to sing that, but I guess I should just give in. Love the sweater!


Well the song wasn't in my head BEFORE ...

The sweater looks great. You've clearly got the attitude for wearing it down lpat!


The sweater looks great! Going to have to go in my queue.
Thanks for another good idea.


Oh gosh now that song will be rattling around in my head! Great cozy spring sweater! Looks like the frogging back paid off.


Love how that sweater turned out! Especially, your better pocket placement! (and yay for Stay Home Hair!!)


Awesome, Kym! all of it! (and yikes, I might need to check Amazon for banana clips!!)


Wow - the sweater looks great and so do you, pandemic hair and all. I was at the grocery store this a.m. and picked up some little clips to use in my hair. I haven't used any hair accessories since the 80's. It's certainly a different world in many ways. As for the song, now it's in my head. Happy to sing along.


The sweater turned out great! I sang that song all the way from Africa (just over a month ago). I'd finally gotten it out of my mind ;-) But I feel fine.


Your sweater turned out great but all the mods would have driven me to move on to another pattern. I commend your patience and perseverance! I'm sure it will give your joy to wear it.


Your sweater looks great and you look happy!


That is an incredibly handsome sweater! I love the color and the whole style (including your new DO. Your sewn side seams look better than the original pattern. Good move! I have had to cut my bangs a couple of times and they look like they were cut by a child! Yes, you know we've all been singing this song. The lyrics are forever etched into my brain.


The first weekend of this stay at home time, my family watch the Lego movie. There is a song in that with a catchy tune called "Everything is awesome...". My son changed it to "Everything is cancel, because of Mr Virus" so that has been the sound track of our life for the last month.


The sweater looks fantastic on you as does the pandemic hair style.


Well, it looks like that turned out pretty darn great!! Love it!


Well, I had not been singing that song -- I know, how could I have missed it? -- but now I will be ;-)


Ooh, I love your sweater. The hem detail and the COLOR in particular. I can see where you would use the same pattern just change some of the details. Sometimes the precise shape and amount of ease in the torso might be unique and difficult to replicate. Sleeve details and pocket placement don!t seem hard. Well, I certainly feel old. I don't think I know a single R.E.M. song. Clever hair finessing.


Just read all your mods on Ravelry and that is a lot. Still, you didn't know all that when you started ( I.e, rolling hem and collar issues), and had already done all that knitting. And it turned out so GOOD!

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