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The State of Things

There Has Been Knitting

. . . but not really very much.

I finished the curling hat for a knitworthy friend.  (I love the faux fur pom-pom!)


I think she'll be both surprised and pleased with it tomorrow when Tom gives it to her.


Once I finished the hat, I cast on for this sweater in some rather mysterious, color-switching yarn from Briar Rose Fibers.  When I ordered the yarn, it looked . . . grayish/mauvish online.  When I opened the package, it looked . . . tealish/browinsh.  When I'm knitting with it, it looks . . . distinctly camo under one light, and greyish/brownish under another light. 


Whatever color it is, the pattern is a delight to knit!

How about you?  What are you making these days?


Be sure to visit Kat today . . . for more unraveled fun.