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. . . in my garden.

March is here.  Which means I start getting a pretty strong itch to get out in my garden!

This year, the snow is already (pretty much) gone (although there is more on tap tonight), so the itch is stronger than usual this early in the season.  I know, though, that no matter what happens weather-wise over the next few weeks, it's still too early to begin anything out there in the garden.  But soon.


There is still ice on my little ponds, but a quick walk 'round my garden this morning showed these three sure signs of life out there today:

Crocus leaves!  These are the super-early blooming variety, and they get lots of warm sunshine every morning, so it won't be long and they'll be blooming.  (I can't wait.)


Hellebore buds!  Yeah, they don't look like much today. . . but they'll be wonderful in a week or two.  (Just you wait!)


Mourning doves!  Yes, possibly the most stupid of birds - the mourning doves, have returned to my garden.  I'm happy to have them back (as is JoJo, who loves to chase them) (because they really are kind of stupid).  (I still haven't seen a robin, though!)

How about YOU?  What signs of spring are you seeing in your corner of the world?  


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I'm itching to get out to my garden too! We had so much rain over the winter that my garden is pretty water logged and needs to dry out before I can do much. My daffodils have begun to grow, but I think the squirrels got my crocuses. I'm going to start some seeds indoors this weekend.


The snow if finally gone but I haven't seen any green yet. I have seen a robin though! Come on spring!!!


Great signs! We have crocus blooming and daffodils budded. Fletch has started tomato seedlings inside and plans to plant sugar snap peas OUTSIDE very soon!! Bird songs are definitely mating and nest building songs these days. And one day as I walked to my car it smelled like worms! Yuck, but that is a Spring smell for sure.


With warming days (especially here in MD) I'm also finding it hard to resist beginning some sort of gardening activity. But our last frost dates aren't until May 15th, so I'm satisfying myself with making sure the blue bottles I've "planted" in the garden have survived the winter and admiring buds on my blueberry bushes. Seeds will be started here in a couple of weeks! Your signs are all looking good!

Jeannie Gray

I've never been fond of doing the gardening work, but I do love looking at a nice garden. Yours is about to become gorgeous once again! Happy Spring!


I'm really enjoying opening the bedroom blinds every morning and checking the amount of (lessening) snow! Yay Spring!


I love the mourning doves... their melodious calls often serenade me during my meditation times!

And, my snow drops (those little troopers!!) have been blooming for over a month!! And, chives have started to poke their stems up!


Ahhh...signs of spring are always so hopeful! I took a photo of the first crocus blooming in my flower beds yesterday and today I saw a daffodil blooming in town. It's hard to be patient while waiting for spring.


I took a tour of the gardens this week and daffodils and tulips are just beginning to push up. Didn’t see the crocuses so that was a puzzle. Love the increasing light!


Mourning doves mean my hawk will be well fed! I have signs of crocus, but about 18 or so snowdrops. It's 65!! today and Mylo and I have been out for a couple of long walks. There will be some cold days to come, but I'm so thrilled for this reprieve and the bit of spring! We'll plant our garden (early crops) on the 21st! I love March.


Ha! I agree mourning doves are a little on the stupid side but I do like their cooing. The sign of spring I'm seeing is the Creeping Charlie is up and greening. I needed some thyme the other day and I found a few green sprigs underneath all the frost bitten bits on the top! I put it in some soup and it had a great flavor.


Sorry, Kym. All the robins are at my place, making sure no berry on my holly bushes goes uneaten. ;-)

My plants are starting to bud/put out new shoots, so I'm starting to ponder what to do with the garden this year. I've been trying to do vegetables for several years and have not been very successful, so this year I'm thinking about putting in plants that attract butterflies and bees.


This question makes me happy! My two absolute favorite signs of spring: lambs and tapped maple trees.


I actually like mourning doves and they stay here all winter. As for signs of spring, I have crocus in bloom and lots of daffodil shoots and the other day I saw a red winged blackbird. I'm waiting on spring peepers now!

gale z

So many bulbs coming up here. A bit early so I hope nothing comes along to kill them. And hearing birds active is making me feeling slightly more Spring-y every day.


It makes me so happy to see signs of spring showing up Up There! We've had a topsy turvy January/February here ... the cherry trees are done, the daffodils are struggling, I haven't seen tulips here but I did 25 miles south at Katie's ... and who knows what a few days of sunshine might bring this week. We have had LOTS of birds (when the rain has paused for a few minutes) and I think that's a good sign.

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