There Has Been Knitting
Ritual of Spring?

The State of Things

. . . in my garden.

March is here.  Which means I start getting a pretty strong itch to get out in my garden!

This year, the snow is already (pretty much) gone (although there is more on tap tonight), so the itch is stronger than usual this early in the season.  I know, though, that no matter what happens weather-wise over the next few weeks, it's still too early to begin anything out there in the garden.  But soon.


There is still ice on my little ponds, but a quick walk 'round my garden this morning showed these three sure signs of life out there today:

Crocus leaves!  These are the super-early blooming variety, and they get lots of warm sunshine every morning, so it won't be long and they'll be blooming.  (I can't wait.)


Hellebore buds!  Yeah, they don't look like much today. . . but they'll be wonderful in a week or two.  (Just you wait!)


Mourning doves!  Yes, possibly the most stupid of birds - the mourning doves, have returned to my garden.  I'm happy to have them back (as is JoJo, who loves to chase them) (because they really are kind of stupid).  (I still haven't seen a robin, though!)

How about YOU?  What signs of spring are you seeing in your corner of the world?  


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