Top Five: Best of My Winter Reading
Out of the Fog

Starting and Stopping

I have started . . . and then stopped . . . writing about 3 blog posts today.

Thoughts are swirling.
I thought they were fully-formed and ready for blogging.
But, apparently, they are not.

So, here.  Look at my knitting.


Endless stockinette is working for me right now.  
(And that's a rolled-up front there.  Not a sleeve.)

How are you getting through this day?


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By baking bread, scrubbing the kitchen floor by hand (desperate times call for desperate measures), and looking at my own knitting. Thanks for showing me yours!


Working, measuring my knitting at work :-) Telling Doug ON HIS FIRST DAY WORKING FROM HOME FOREVER when to put the turkey in, anticipating my Facetime cocktail hour with the usual Wednesday night suspects! I like the blue stockinette!


Good day today, finished a pair of socks, had a zoom meeting with accountant, watched a movie and knitted on Deep End, (saw this shawl on your blog and fell in love with it), and finally plan on making pizza for dinner!
Your blue sweater is coming along so swiftly! Lovely color too.


I finished a book. Read lots of emails (the emails are exhausting these days). Tried to find webinars and online things for my staff to do while they are at home. And now it's martini o'clock.


One stitch after the other... that is how I am getting through this!


Well we had sunshine so that helped. And that blue is wonderful


That's a mighty pretty blue Kym. Whatever soothing knitting is working right now, that's the thing to be doing. I am keeping busy with work and working out and actually - really - just enjoying being at home! Crazy, but true. Stay well my friend.


Strangely, I haven't felt much like knitting. So I've been doing a lot of spinning and working on a granny square blanket. It's very weird, because usually knitting is a real comfort to me. But I guess we're in uncharted territory here and none of the usual rules applies.


Kym -
That blue IS beautiful.
So far, my main coping tools have been: talking with family and friends, getting outside for long walks, some creative cooking. Also, reading your blog posts has helped a lot. Your writer’s voice is very “relatable”.


Cooking, occasional baking, talking on phone with friends, daily walks, plenty of Netflix. After years of barely using our subscription we are certainly making up for it. Lovely blue, must be comforting to gaze on it. My all garter stitch scarf, easy TV knitting, has reached the point where I am making mistakes, Apparently I cannot live on garter stitch alone.


We have had a warm-up in our weather and the sun finally came out for a few hours. How am I getting through the day? Face Time, texts, knitting, and some reading. I'm glad to see your blue sweater.


The only calming thing I have found is walking. Few people are out and about because the weather is cold and gray so I have the trail to myself most of the time. When I meet people they have been sure to keep distance (thank goodness). I am finishing a sock and will start another. They are my easy-peasy knitting joy.

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