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It's Monday!

Ritual of Spring?

This weekend, we'll be "springing ahead" with our clocks.  In less than 2 weeks now (it's March 19 this year), we'll be celebrating the Spring Equinox.  The birds are singing, and I've got daffodil shoots pushing through the ground.  Spring is definitely on the way!


Let's talk about spring cleaning for a moment.


Is spring cleaning part of your annual spring ritual?
What do you consider "spring cleaning?"
Do you have any tactics, tips, tricks or simply-must-dos?

I want to know -- and I'd really like to hear from you.  Please share your spring cleaning thoughts/tactics/tips in the comments.  I will synthesize them into a helpful spring cleaning blog post later this month.

In the meantime, enjoy your weekend!  (And don't forget to set your clocks ahead!)


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My grandmother was a world-class spring cleaner — washing walls, taking all the curtains down for washing and pressing, washing windows, scrubbing floors. She did it all, but I do not. I might move the furniture to vacuum underneath and vacuum the furniture itself, and give the kitchen floor a really good scrubbing by hand. The only tips I have are using Mrs. Meyer's cleaning products because they smell so nice and use a pet vacuum. We don't have pets but this vacuum does a great job of removing the long air from Justin's girlfriend that seems to be everywhere.


Ugh! I thought the time change was next weekend!
I don’t cleaning nearly enough year round so spring cleaning is a good idea. I usually do closets and drawers during spring break.
Will have to see if your get some good advice that I can borrow too.


I need some advice for Spring cleaning - lol. My Mom was a pro at it - like Bonny's Grandmother. But, my Mom didn't work and I do. That's my excuse. I really need to scrub my kitchen thoroughly...and the other rooms as well. The thought of it is daunting though.


I love the idea of spring cleaning, and I certainly love a clean house, but when it comes right down to it... I generally hate to spend my time cleaning (in any season). Occasionally, I'll get a bug and thoroughly clean/clean out the kitchen cupboards or something, but NOTHING like my mother or grandmother. It was like clockwork with my mother -- cupboards, windows, etc. My grandmother would clean the attic rafters. I like to say that I learned to clean from my mother (world class), I just don't practice. :)


I do not come from a long line of spring cleaners and I don't do much. I will wash a few windows and while switching out my clothes do some throwing. This year I have a plan to seriously purge some clothes. Sentimentality is being thrown out. the. window. (Maybe even a clean one!) xo


We don't really do spring cleaning, but every once in a while my husband gets an urge to declutter and tidy up, and all of us do some part of the house. We did that earlier in the year, but I'm sure we can do more. I am looking forward to it being warm enough to open the windows and get some fresh air moving through the house!


Oh boy. Surface cleaning... yes. Deep dive Spring Cleaning? Not in ages! My Nana was like Bonny's... walls, ceilings, windows (inside AND outside), curtains, the works! I look forward to the tips and ideas you share!

(in other words... it seems many of us are in dire need of deep cleaning help! lol)


My grandmother was like Bonny's, boy could she do Spring Cleaning! I can still see her sitting backwards on a second story window sill washing the outside of the window! I like a clean house, but don't do a Spring Clean like my grandma did. When I clean, I use Mrs. Meyers products, windex, and Bona floor cleaner. For bathrooms I use products with the least amount of chemicals.


I wish I did spring cleaning, I truly do. Instead I tend to rage clean. I am not just the only person living here to clean, I am the only person a cluttered house bothers. I tend to go through long periods of a "f**k you" attitude, cleaning just my personal spaces (though fiercely protecting the kitchen, which I would ban my husband from if I could). But I'm only harming myself, especially since allowing the filth means I won't invite friends over. That's when I rage clean. But all too soon the clutter and grime return. And the cycle repeats. (Holy cow, what a depressing post. Sorry!)

Kim Sheehan

Not really a cleaner but this year we will b!

kathy b

Best tip: Windex outdoor window spray that attaches to your hose. You can give the windows a decent soapy clean and rinse with this product. I love it.


I do Spring Clean most years. Got it from my Nana. Completely skipped my mom.

Top to bottom, left to right, least dirty to dirtiest (for ex. mirrors, counters, sink, tub, toilet, floor), one end of the house to the other. (I don't wash walls, though I do dust them where needed.) Luckily my husband likes to do the outside windows so we spend a couple of hours opposite of each other pointing out spots... :-)

I get to skip the kitchen this year as we've spent the last several weekends cleaning and painting the cabinets in preparation for putting in on the market this spring.

Read this book a few years into my marriage and it helped me a lot...

I think I still have it around here somewhere.

Valerie Musselman

I'm surprised no one has mentioned Breaks the house down into zones where you focus on a zone each week. Detailed cleaning list for each zone.
I'm not religious about it, but it does help remind me to take care of some of the "out of sight, out of mind" stuff.


I have a house cleaner every other week so the regular stuff is done . . . regularly. But when spring comes I do actually do some extra stuff. I wash the windows (our house is close to the street and they get disgusting over the winter) and I wash and/or switch out my curtains. That's about it, though!


Nothing special here. We do get the windows cleaned ... but that's about it!


Since we hired a cleaning crew to come in every other week (thank you car accident) I don't have to do much. Smith and I will clean windows, then throw them open to clean the air. We LOVE the time of year when we can have the windows open all the time and, even if we dust more frequently, it's worth the breeze moving through the house and the always fresh air. I use Red Juice and Blue Juice concentrates from Speed Cleaning ( They are non-toxic, odor free, and they really work. The cost is much less than other cleaning supplies and you don't get that strong chemical scent. I love them!

Julia in KW

This was never a thing when I was growing up...but my mom cleaned quite Also no routine...this year, I did a spice cupboard clean out - OMG! I think we found spices as old as our marriage (35 years!). And I am about to (sometime) clean the blinds! Sometime- really!

Carolyn Seymour Thomas

I LOVE this idea and look forward to the compilation later this month! Thank you in advance :) My biggest thing is windows (although I don't go as far as a ladder for our second floor windows. And they're original to our 105-yr-old house--so no fancy popping out, washing, popping back in.) The second biggie is a thorough scrubbing of the front porch (it gets so, so dirty) and adding spring branches and a springtime pillow on the chair. And bedding. Washing + line drying every last blanket in the house and leaving all the mattresses naked with the bedroom windows wide open for a day. We had a hint of that here already, so that step is done! Happy almost spring.

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