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Back in "olden times" (you know . . . last Thursday), I was a gym-rat.  Really.  Like . . . pretty much every day to the gym.  I did kickboxing classes and spin classes and yoga and strength training.  I worked every week with my trainer, Jeremy.  I worked hard.  I sweat a lot.  

And, hoo-boy, do I miss it!

But, like all of us, I'm adjusting to a different life these days.  I have a little home-gym with plenty of equipment.  I have some online workouts I can do, and Jeremy is putting together some workouts for me based on the equipment that I DO have.  It'll be okay.  It's not the same, of course.  And I don't really feel like (or even like) working out at home.  


But it's important.  Because we need to keep moving!  Especially now.

Here are three things to keep in mind . . . about Staying Fit in the Time of Coronavirus:

1 - Move every day.  Even just a little bit.  It helps you get in better physical shape, of course, but it also helps improve your state of mind, sharpens your focus, AND . . . it helps you STAY healthy.  Yep.  Exercise helps your immune system work better!  (Because who couldn't use an immune system boost right about now, right???)

2 - Get outside.  When I was a little girl, and my sister and I got to be too much for our mom inside, she would send us out - telling us, "Go outside and knock the stink off you!"  She didn't really think we were smelly, of course.  She just knew a change in scenery would be good for ALL of us.  It's (for the most part) decent weather out there now -- so get outside!  Get some fresh air!  Knock the stink off you!

3 - Try something new.  A lot of us are stuck at home now; can't get to a gym even if we wanted to.  A lot of fitness-based places are turning to the internet to offer new and free ways of exercising.  My own gym is rolling out online workouts for members, for example.  Maybe yours is, too?  And Peloton is offering a 90-day FREE offer for it's workout app!  No worries if you don't have a Peloton bike or treadmill (I don't have either) -- Peloton includes excellent strength training, meditation, and yoga classes, too!  (I signed up this morning.)  And Yoga Girl (Rachel Brathen) is offering a 30-day FREE yoga challenge/community connection program to help get folks through these challenging days.  This is a great time to try something different and shake up (or even start) your fitness program.


Get moving!
(Because you can only binge-watch Netflix shows for so long.)



And . . . from today's Find the Joy department . . . here are links to some museums currently offering virtual tours:

The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam

The Guggenheim in NYCity

MoMa in NYCity

The National Gallery in London

(These are just a few of the amazing links available through Google Arts & Culture.  Check it out!)





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Excellent reminders. I'm trying!

Vera Lane

Great reminders. Thanks for the links too.


I guess I'm grateful that my go-to workout routine WAS in my house :-) ...and that we have LOTS of stairs. Keep Moving Kym and thank you for the links!


Oh I am soooo not motivated to workout at home. I can get out the door at 6:00 a.m. any day but get out of bed to go downstairs...nah! I'm going to establish some kind of routine this weekend. I have been outside every day though and have logged some decent mileage. Thanks for the links Kym! xo


I am with Carole! I am trying! :)


I'm walking twice/day, and just got back from my evening walk. Now I think I'll visit The National Gallery. It doesn't look crowded at all. Thanks!

Kim Sheehan

I did yoga and weights today. Very proud of myself!


I've made it out for walks the last couple of days and they've really helped. If only the weather would cooperate more -- it's raining again! I guess tomorrow I will have to check out some of the online resources, because you're absolutely right about how important it is!


Oh fun, more links! Thanks. I love my at home yoga and Pilates and my Bosu ball.

kathy b

Great post! ! We tried to get out today but it rained. TOMORROW!! I hope. i kept very busy though. I was helping a good person who is running for alderwoman by signing her mailings to let people know they can early vote and stay safe


Take a look at Yoga International https://yogainternational.com/ There are some parts you have limited access for nonmembers. I have an annual subscription which costs about the equivalent of one yoga studio class per month. They have a ton of video classes for all levels and focus areas. Also a lot of self care articles.

They used to be a magazine. Now they are so much more.


Since I always work out at home, this doesn’t impact me like it does for some—but my schedule is definitely different! And that makes it a little harder. So I’ve been saying—out loud, to everyone—what I’m doing for my daily work out and when I’m doing it. That keeps me accountable. And since we’ve had a lot of snow the last two days and the kids aren’t outside as much, two of them joined me for 30 mins of plyometrics. It’s working :)

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