Flatten the Curve
Be Like Water

Is It Monday?

Because, frankly, I've lost track.
(Right now, all days kind of look the same. . . )

But, I'm pretty sure it's Monday.  So let's stay in practice and . . . 


If you are anything like me, you've probably got whiplash from trying to keep up with what's happening day to day, hour by hour. It's unfathomable and frightening and anxiety-producing and just . . . unreal.  Un.Real.  With so much changing so quickly, I'm going to just keep blogging away.  Not pretending everything is normal (because it just isn't), but being here.  Being . . . in community . . . with all of you.

Because we can keep each other going.
We can feel less isolated if we stay connected.
We can share information and ideas and comfort.
We can practice . . . commUNITY.

Here are some things I found over the weekend . . . 


"Do your little bit of good where you are; it's those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world."
        -- Desmond Tutu

Right now in my garden . . . a bit of hope. Spring will come again.



I'll get this Monday started with a couple of helpful coronavirus links:

First, this read from the World Economic Forum.  It's easy to get lost in the comparisons of today's coronavirus and the Spanish influenza of 1918-1919 (like . . . overwhelmingly lost).  This article (written by a microbiologist) provides a helpful perspective on just how far we've come since the dark days of the Spanish flu, and why there is reason for hope.

And next, this practical article from the New York Times on stocking your pantry.  (Coronavirus articles from the NYTimes are free reads for all right now, so you should be able to click in and read this whether you are a NYTimes subscriber or not.)  



Many of us are practicing "social distancing" right now . . . which gives us unexpected chunks of downtime.  Maybe this is a good time to make a piece for the Tiny Pricks Project!  I'm sure lots of you have already heard about (maybe even contributed to) this project.  I know I've been following along on Instagram for a long time now . . . I think this is the perfect time for me to create a piece of my own for the project.  (There is certainly PLENTY of source material.)  (And, sadly, more created every day. . . )  



Looking for something to watch?  Tom and I binge-watched High Fidelity on Hulu over the weekend . . . and we loved it!  You may recall that the 2000 movie High Fidelity (starring John Cusack) is one of our very favorite movies ever, so we had some (minor) trepidation about watching a "re-boot" series based on the movie.  If you share that concern, let me assure you:  No. Problem.  This is a delightful series -- true to the original movie in many, many (sometimes subtle) ways while bringing a freshness to the whole story!

So watch it!  And if you haven't watched the movie in a while (or a hundred times . . . like Tom and I), go ahead and watch that FIRST.  It makes the series even more fun!  (Sadly, the movie doesn't seem to be streaming anywhere right now -- but you can "rent" it through Amazon Prime for $2.99.)  (Worth it.)



These are strange and challenging time, my friends.  Let's look for joy . . . 

YoYo Ma, the world-renowned cellist, has launched a hashtag over on Instagram -- #songsofcomfort -- as a way to share of the music that brings him comfort . . . in this time of high anxiety.  Other musicians - some you'll recognize, some just people in their living rooms with their piano or trombone - are sharing, too.  It's a joyful thing!  Check it out.

If you haven't signed up already, you may want to check out Clara Parkes' Daily Respite -- a "daily balm of escape, discovery, and delight" delivered to your inbox.  (Clara offers this daily subscription service for free -- or for $6/month if you can afford it.)  These daily, joy-filled surprises (because you never know what she'll send!) are great little pick-me-ups during dark times.

Missing March Madness?  You can still enjoy March Mayhem - knitting's answer to bracket sports - over on the Mason-Dixon Knitting website.  Check out the bracket and vote!  There are some great patterns in the competition this year.

Do you listen to the Happier podcast (with Gretchen Rubin and her sister, Liz Craft)?  Gretchen and Liz have put together a "bonus episode" podcast specifically designed to help listeners cope with COVID-19.  I haven't listened yet, but I plan to later today.


Okay, everyone.  That's it for this Monday morning.

Stay well.
Wash your hands.
Flatten the curve.


AND . . . If you have any hints or tips or thoughts about getting through these days of "social distancing" tell me about them in the comments.  I'll be sure to share them in later posts!  Right now, it's all about  . . . commUNITY.