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Here We Go Again

It's Monday.  Time to . . . 


"Springtime is the land awakening.  The March winds are the morning yawn."
        --- Lewis Grizzard

Welcome, March.  
(Let's get this party started.)

Signs of life in my garden.



I don't have a word for you this week.  Instead . . . I have a rhetorical phrase.  And a question for you.

So.  Let's say you're . . . unconcerned about something.  Maybe you're unconcerned in a sarcastic way, or maybe it's because you're just not at all interested.  What do you say?

I couldn't care less . . . 


I could care less . . . 

And . . . do you think that one of these phrases is more grammatically correct than the other?  (I have always been in the couldn't-care-less camp myself.)

Well, it turns out that the Merriam-Webster dictionary considers these two phrases . . .  synonymous.  While "couldn't care less" is the older and more obvious phrase from a grammatical standpoint, the two phrases have been confused for so long now that both are considered correct.  (You can read more about it here, if you're so inclined.)  (Or perhaps you couldn't - or could - care less?)

How about YOU?  Which one do you say?



I generally avoid news-related topics here on the blog (you get enough of that on your own time, I'm sure), but there's one particularly important topic right now that I think we should all pay (at least some) attention to you.  Yeah.  I'm talking about COVID-19 . . . the coronavirus.

Like most people I talk to, I'm kinda creeped out by the possibility of a pandemic . . . while at the same time trying not to dwell on it . . . and determined not to panic about it.  But still, I'm paying attention to it.  I'm not so worried about getting it, but I am trying to be smart and prepare myself for the possibility that it may cause hiccups.  So I wash my hands all. the. time.  (While singing Happy Birthday or maybe running through the ABC song.)  And I'm using those little wipes they have at the grocery store and Costco to clean off my cart.  That kind of thing.  And over the past few days, I've started stocking up my pantry, my freezer, and my medicine cabinets --- NOT because I think there's going to be a shortage (or armageddon), but because if there IS an outbreak in my town, I want to be prepared to hunker down at home for awhile.

Anyway.  Here's a practical and not-panicky article from NPR . . . about how to prepare at home for the coronavirus.  It's worth reading!

How about YOU?  Are you doing anything to prepare for the coronavirus?  Or . . . is this something you (ahem) couldn't care less about???




Is anybody else counting the days until the third installment of Hilary Mantel's trilogy hits the bookstores?????  (As of this morning, there are 8.)

I've had my copy on pre-order for months and months.  I. can't. wait.  (Even though I know how it ends. . . )


Speaking of books . . . be sure to join Bonny, Carole and I TOMORROW as we announce the next Read With Us bloggy-book-group selection!  



Okay.  I feel sort of guilty telling you about this -- because I lost a couple of hours down this rabbit hole -- but I must!  Last week, I discovered Blue: the Tatter Textile Library -- which is physically located in Brooklyn . . . but you can bring a lot of it right into your own home thanks to your computer!

I won't tell you any more right now . . . but when you need a little break, go take a peek.  It's balm for the soul!


And there you go!
Monday morning, started right.

Enjoy your week!