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Another Week . . .

Fridays Are For Sewing

Usually, I hold Friday afternoons open in my schedule for sewing.  I really like to sew -- but I don't always get to it regularly like I do with my knitting.  So this Friday sewing thing generally works well for me.


And this afternoon?  I'll be sewing, for sure.  
But my plans about WHAT I'll be sewing, exactly?  That's changed!

Throughout the week, I've seen posts here and there . . . about sewing your own face masks.  (Sewing In the Time of Coronavirus.)  Initially, I thought it was just one of those sign-of-the-times things.  Y'know . . . clever people with too much time on their hands.  Because that can't possible work very well.

Can it???

Well.  Turns out . . . it can!  Especially when there are no other options and the world is suffering a serious shortage of medical supplies.

I spent some (probably too much) time this morning researching the home-sewn-DIY-face-mask issue, and found that:

1 - Indeed, this is A Thing.

2 - There is some research that shows they are reasonably effective (when there are no official alternatives), especially if made in certain materials.

3 - And there are plenty of free patterns, tips, and tutorials out there.

So this afternoon, I'm going to dig through my (quite ample) fabric stash and try to make a few of these!  I'll start with a few for my family.  If it goes well, I may try to crank them out to donate on a larger scale.  I'll keep you posted!

Happy Friday (that doesn't feel at all like a Friday), everyone!

Stay well.
Stay at home.
Flatten the curve.



A helpful tip from CoronaLisa (I crack myself up. . . ):  Stocking Your Pantry, the Smart Way from the New York Times.



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I’m definitely a product sewer. Sewed a lot decades ago so I could wear stuff that fit me perfectly. Had to be completed in a weekend. Never truly enjoyed it. Of course now I wish that I still had that stash and that sewing machine. No fabric at all here or I might even attempt hand-sewing some really tiny stuffed animals.

Vera Lane

Hmmm, hadn't thought about that at all. Grey and rainy here right now, but I'm hoping for a walk a little later. Hope you are doing well Kym. Stay safe!


I think this is great but I do question if they truly work after hearing what our Emergency Management Director has advised about face masks. Still, you can make pretty ones!


Funny, my b-i-l texted me last night about this same thing! We used to employ home workers at a company we both worked for years and years ago. They got. it. done. xoxo


If the CDC is recommending bandanas as a last resort, then I think it is time to sew some masks! (And I love CoronaLisa in her mask!)


There is a hospital somewhere (to much info flooding my brain to be able to say where it was) that is asking for face masks be sewn and donated to their hospital. I thought about contacting our closest large hospital to see if they want anything like this done. I suppose our little hospital right here in town might need this also.


I am with Carole on the home made face mask efficacy... but can we just talk about rice? My son share with me some serious price gouging going on in MI for rice right now! Gah! fun times!


Love CoronaLisa. :)


I've heard conflicting information about the hand-sewn masks, but I suppose they're better than nothing. I don't sew, so it's a moot point for me anyway!

Snort, CoronaLisa!


Have fun! Can’t wait to see your masks


My local sewing shop is putting together resources for this. I don't have the right elastic, but maybe Amazon will!

Abby Frank Miller

Bronson is asking for people to make masks. Maybe you could help them!! Abby

kathy b

This is so fantastic . My old nurse locker partner made masks today and is sending them to any of the nurse on our unit. (we are both so glad we are retired!)

We are staying away from everyone


I too have concerns about these clothe masks. I think the idea is great, especially for personal use, but hospital use? For a nurse/doctor, all day long germs are attaching to the fabric that is next to one's mouth, nose and eyes. The next issue is, who, how and where are these being washed. Is the medical workers expected to bring home possibly highly contaminated materials and expose their family to an even greater level.
I have steam coming out of my ears, regarding this issue of our medical workers being put in such danger...and for lack of leadership at the FED level.


I went on and on about my personal sewing situation up there just to avoid saying what Eileen just said. I think the fabric would need to be medical grade to be effective and then factory sealed to prevent contamination. Although just for your own family it might be okay — at least in the early days before infection is widespread and you yourself would not be likely to be exposed. Everything is a crapshoot right now.

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