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“Nothing makes the earth seem so spacious as to have friends at a distance; they make the latitudes and longitudes.”
                ---Henry David Thoreau


Happy Valentine's Day, my friends!  

However - or if - you choose to acknowledge or celebrate this day of love, please know that I love having this (almost sometimes) daily connection with you all.  I am grateful for your friendship -- virtual and real, near and far, old and new.  Thanks for being here in this space with me.

And now . . . a little something to warm your heart.  This essay from The Washington Post is fairly short and quick to read -- but it packs a powerful punch.  It's sure to bring some joy to your day.  (EDITED:  It was pointed out that this essay is only available for WaPo subscribers.  I am sorry about that.) (EDITED AGAIN:  Okay.  It seems some people who are not WaPo subscribers can still pull up this essay.  So go ahead and give it a try.)  (AND EDITED AGAIN:  Apparently if you are not a WaPo subscriber AND you are trying to read the article on your phone, it will ask you to log in.  If you're reading on your computer, however, you can click through and read it.  So.  Try it from your computer!)

All the love . . . to all of you!



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Sadly, the essay is only for Washington Post subscribers.


That essasy... all the love! Thank you for sharing it!

And, Happy Valentine's Day to you! XO


I can't read the story and that's okay. I'm grateful for your friendship and love every single day!


Happy Valentines Day Kym! And, Happy Weekend!

Friends being latitudes and longitudes - love that image.


Also, I don't subscribe, but I was able to pull up and read the article - LOVE it.


Thanks for sharing the WP article, and I'm so grateful that my friendly latitudes and longitudes extend to MI and encompass you!


Happy Valentine’s Day Kym!


Great article Kym! Thank-you and Happy Valentine's Day to you. And...all that you said. These friendships are so special. xoxo


I love this essay.

Thank you, what Valentine's Day should be about !


Aw. Happy Valentine's Day, Kym!!


Also, Melanie McCabe's book -- His Other Life: Searching for My Father, His First Wife, and Tennessee Williams -- sounds fascinating!!


Love this article! And if you are trying to read the WP article on your phone it will tell you it is only for subscribers. But if it is from a computer it does not. Not sure why but that is the experience I have had.


Happy Valentine’s Day! The article was amazing. As a former 6th grade teacher in an elementary school, I can paint a mental picture of that scene playing out. I always tried to instill in my students that their words and actions matter. Kindness always goes far especially in the world we live in.

Julia in KW

No problem on my IPad...what a lovely tradition...and something to think about always on any kind of holiday when someone might feel left out!

kathy b

That was wonderful. I was in kindergarten and had just had surgery for my crossed eyes. I was home and a neighbor delivered the class valentines to me at home where i was recovering. A neighbor boy, who I thought was cute, gave me a black heart. I was crushed. I should give black valentines out to show he didn't win! Hahahahaha. How old am I!?

Gale Zucker

What a great Valentines Day gift to read that story (even the morning after). Thank you! What a great teacher, I bet her students will always carry that with them.


That was a lovely essay. Thanks for sharing it! xoxo


That is a beautiful article. Yesterday had me thinking mostly about kindness as it seems in short supply at times. It's quite easy to do something nice for someone in almost every setting. Letting someone in line in front of you because they have few items or a fussy child, giving someone a smile when they seem to be frustrated or unhappy. More and more I think our little kindnesses can have an impact. We NEED kindness to spread. Thank you for sharing this essay for Valentine's Day.


Thank you for sharing that essay (which I am glad I was able to read without any technological difficulties!). We could all use more kindness in our lives.

Last year, my daughter's teachers did a brilliant thing for Valentine's Day. They gave all the students an assignment to write one nice thing about each of their classmates, and it couldn't be anything about physical appearance, either, but rather had to be about each girl's personality or characteristics. They had to type up all their comments and turn them in. The teachers then cut all these comments into slips of paper, without the author's name attached, and each girl got a collection of affirming comments that were then put together in a heart-shaped collage. The comments were things about how girls are caring or funny or helpful, and it really warmed my heart to see what a boost of self-confidence my daughter got from it.


ahhh... this is the BEST community! Thank you for your post (and the article) and for encouraging such a delightful supportive group of women. xxoo.

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