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My Garden in February

Some Surprises

This morning I woke up to a surprising bit of snow.  (Mostly surprising because the weather forecast was for a dire amount of snow, but it turned out to be only a tiny bit.)  (We've had a dearth of snow this year.  I think the weather forecasters are bored. And maybe a little hopeful.)


So I thought I would stay with that theme of surprise, and share other surprises (three of 'em, in fact) with you today.  Here are three things I'm going to do (or that I'm already doing) this year that might surprise you:

  1. I've started working with a personal trainer at the gym once a week.  (This is surprising because I've always said I'd never pay for a trainer on top of what I already pay in gym fees.  Surprise!  I love it!)  (Stay tuned.  I'll tell you more in a future post.)
  2. I'm going to Scotland this summer with a friend -- on a bike tour.  A bike tour where we'll be riding 50-60 miles each day through the Scottish countryside.  For a whole week. (This is surprising because, well, ohmygod what am I thinking.)
  3. We're finally (finally) going to buy a new mattress.  (This is maybe not so surprising, really.  Because it's been on my to-do list for at least 10 years.  So I guess what's surprising about this one is that we still haven't done it in the first place.)

What's something surprising YOU'RE doing this year?


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