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Some Surprises

This morning I woke up to a surprising bit of snow.  (Mostly surprising because the weather forecast was for a dire amount of snow, but it turned out to be only a tiny bit.)  (We've had a dearth of snow this year.  I think the weather forecasters are bored. And maybe a little hopeful.)


So I thought I would stay with that theme of surprise, and share other surprises (three of 'em, in fact) with you today.  Here are three things I'm going to do (or that I'm already doing) this year that might surprise you:

  1. I've started working with a personal trainer at the gym once a week.  (This is surprising because I've always said I'd never pay for a trainer on top of what I already pay in gym fees.  Surprise!  I love it!)  (Stay tuned.  I'll tell you more in a future post.)
  2. I'm going to Scotland this summer with a friend -- on a bike tour.  A bike tour where we'll be riding 50-60 miles each day through the Scottish countryside.  For a whole week. (This is surprising because, well, ohmygod what am I thinking.)
  3. We're finally (finally) going to buy a new mattress.  (This is maybe not so surprising, really.  Because it's been on my to-do list for at least 10 years.  So I guess what's surprising about this one is that we still haven't done it in the first place.)

What's something surprising YOU'RE doing this year?


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Celebrating your surprises and getting outside of your comfort zone! (I hope the new mattress is quite comfortable!)


WOW, Scotland! A very good friend of mine did this bike ride through Scotland and loved it!


OMG...you are so brave. The thought of biking all those miles for all those days terrifies me! But...I imagine it will be amazing. Good luck on the mattress...another terrifying adventure. It's exciting to live dangerously though isn't it? I think I'm going to find something surprising to!


Cool! 1) looking forward to hearing about the personal trainer. 2) WOW!!! That's a huge amount of biking each day (and I don't believe it's level terrain) but exciting and I bet you will have a wonderful time. Remember to leave plenty of room in your bag for YARN!! 3) We did this a few years ago - the mattress we had been using I bought for my first apartment. We used it for close to 40 years! They don't make them like that anymore! No surprises in my life at the moment (which really is ok - lol).


I'd be truly jealous of the Scotland trip if you weren't riding bikes . . . just sayin. Too bad your school isn't having a mattress fundraiser! hahahaha


I loved traveling in Scotland and Edinburgh is my favorite city. I didn't bike, but did a fair amount of walking in the highlands, on Skye, and in the lowlands too! There is a lot of good yarn & whisky to be had there too!

Carolyn Seymour Thomas

First, I love the winter interest in your garden. Hmm...I'm doing a 'walking vacation,' alone, in Liechtenstein in the fall. A walking vacation just landed on My List a few months ago; it was a long'ish term thing...I was thinking in 5 years or so. But it just sort of....happened. And--I was originally thinking England or Spain. .So, the timing & location are both a bit of a (happy) surprise! Your bike trip to Scotland sounds FANTASTIC, BTW!!


What a fun trip! I’m going to Scotland the end of August and early September for a hiking and yarn tour!

Gale Zucker

Those are three excellent surprises! Don’t surprise yourself by choosing a new mattress too hastily, as we did a couple years ago. I mean, we spend a third of our life on it -next time I’m going to be more sure before we purchase! ( it has a weird jiggle! Yet it’s firm?!)


We finally got a new mattress in the past six months -- I convinced my husband that it was what I really wanted for our 12th anniversary because the old one was from before we were even engaged! It's made such a difference.

I surprised myself recently by knitting with and enjoying a mohair/silk yarn. For years I thought I was allergic to mohair, and in all honesty it does make me a little itchy in some spots, but my hands have no issue with it.


Wow. Go you!. My fantasy is to have a personal trainer who comes to my house! We’ve had quite a surprising year, so happy to have no surprises lately:). Chloe


Are you buying the mattress online? Just wondering, since I know quite a few people doing it that way these days, and that just seems weird to me.

Oh Scotland! I am tres jealous.


Ooo, lots of good surprises! (Scotland via any mode of transportation is one of my favorite places on earth!) And, I hope your new mattress provides an abundance of nights of great sleep!


Wow. What a cool vacation. Can't wait to hear about all about it.


I would be very interested to hear about your training program. Go you!


A bike trip through Scotland sounds amazing! Did the trip have anything to do with your decision to hire a trainer? I love having a trainer and I'm not surprised you do, too. So glad you only had a bit of snow as we got a wallop of 15"! Overall, the weather this winter has been a crazy.


aw, this post reminded me of the year Surprise was your OLW! oooh, the bike trip sounds awesome! I'm hoping to get to Scotland this summer, but I will be walking and riding a train :-)


We haven't had a lot of snow either. Even though I know this wish is wildly unpopular or downright crazy, I would really like one sizable snow fall - just not the March weekend my daughter is flying in to visit. Surprises are nice. A bike tour in Scotland sounds wonderfully ambitious and invigorating.

kathy b

Well, I won't be in Scotland, but I'll be riding a bit on my electric assist cheater bike with my hubby

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