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So. What Comes Next?

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Now that the gray cardigan is finished and in my closet (well . . . technically, it's not in my closet much because I'm wearing it all the time, but you know what I mean), what comes next?

I can honestly say . . . I'm not sure.

I do have a little "palette cleanser" knitting going on at the moment.  (And it's not going well, truth be told.)  Last fall, I made a fun little curling hat for Tom.  Another curler saw it -- and admired it.  (Like . . . she wanted to learn to knit so she could make one for herself.)  I really like this curler -- she is kind and good and fun and VERY knit-worthy.  So I decided to knit her a hat as a little surprise.

It didn't turn out like I had hoped.


I know some of you are going to look at this finished (without pompom) curling hat and think it looks just fine.  But it isn't.  I made it a size smaller than the one I made for Tom -- and with that color work band in there, it just doesn't have a lot of give right where you want a hat to have a lot of give (y'know?), so it feels pretty tight.  Plus . . . I made a poor color choice for the handles of the curling stones.  The gold and the red are too close in value, so the handles just disappear in the design-- and especially from a distance.  I tried some duplicate stitch (no photo) with a more contrast-y color, and although it's better, it's not what I want.

If it were a hat for me, I'd just move on.

But it's not.

So I cast on for another one (bigger size) last night.  I'll make better color choices this time.  It'll be fine.  Which means . . . I still have about a week to decide what to knit next.  Here are three things I'm considering:

1 -- Ray's Crop.  As soon as I saw this design, I knew I'd need to knit it.  (I'm a sucker for garter stitch, and I love the shape of this sweater.)  Pros:  Big yarn, big needles, crop length means it'll go quickly.  Plus I already have the perfect yarn.  Cons: I can't really think of one.

2 -- Stashdance Cardigan.  This is the one that has been haunting me!  This is the design I wished I'd been knitting while I was knitting the gray cardigan.  I was obsessed with the thinking about it.  I went through my stash multiple times to check out my options.  (Found several. . . )  Pros:  I'm motivated and obsessed, I have great yarn options, it looks like fun.  Cons:  The contrast yarn I want to knit with is a long-run gradient and I'll need to plot out the color changes carefully for the sleeves to (at least sort of) match up with the body . . .which will take a bit of finagling.  Also, the main color will be gray (again) (I know), and I'm not sure I can do more gray quite yet.   I WILL knit this; I'm just not sure it'll be next.  

3 -- Little Rabbits.  I have two very sweet and very knit-worthy little grand nieces.  I've been planning to knit them little rabbits (with some outfits) for a while now.  If I don't get to it soon, though, they'll be too big to play with them!  (Not exactly true.  I have a couple of years before that happens.)  Pros:  Cute and adorable, will be well-received by the girls.  Cons:  I need to knit 2 of them, and they are futsy.  I will also need to figure out something else for their big brother who IS getting too old for a stuffed toy (although he might like it if it came with Star Wars outfits).

(I also need to knit another baby sweater, but I have a bit of time yet for that one.  While it's percolating in my head, it's not on my "what next" radar quite yet.)

So.  There you have it.  Opinions?  Thoughts?
(Also, how do YOU decide what to knit next?)