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Some of you are probably already familiar with (which means "following," of course) Stasia Savasuk.  And if you're not?  Well.  You just might want to!  Stasia is a "style coach" for the "everyday gal" -- and she says things that are just . . . outrageously wonderful. . . about finding your own personal style and loving the body you have right now.  (Because, as she says all the time, "your body is not the problem.")

Really.  Read her story.  You might want to watch her TedTalk.  And then follow her on Instagram (because she's hilariously on point).  And sign up for her newsletter (although that link wasn't working for me this morning. . . ).  She even hosts Stasia's Style School - an online course - if you're so inclined.  But just listen to what she is saying about matching up your inside . . . with what you're choosing to wear on the outside.  Because it's something we ALL should hear.

Last week on Instagram, Stasia had a perfectly fine sweatshirt that just didn't make her feel good while she was wearing it.  She was going to donate it and get it out of her closet.  But then she stopped . . . and asked what if I cut it up and made it fit/feel differently?  And . . . it worked better for her.

So I tried it.

I had this sweatshirt that was perfectly fine.  But everytime I put it on . . . I ended up taking it off.  Because it just didn't feel right. Here it is . . .


Perfectly fine.  But . . . not.

I think it was the turtleneck.  I am not a fan of turtlenecks, generally.  And especially not on a sweatshirt.  But I also didn't like the contrast on the cuffs.  The seam felt weird and the cuffs were wide around my wrists . . . so they were always getting in the way of things.


(Looks like I'm picking my nose . . . but I'm really trying to show you the turtleneck. . . )

So I cut around the seamline of the turtleneck . . . And I cut off the contrast cuffs.


Much better!  It felt so much better -- and looked more like . . . something I would wear.  

But still not quite.

So I decided it would look better without that contrast at the bottom.  And maybe . . . cropped.


So.  Snip-snip!


Now I have something I WILL wear to the gym!

Thanks, Stasia!  (Do check out her website/Instagram feed.  She has a great story to tell!)

And have you ever taken a pair of scissors to something in your closet before???  
I highly recommend it!  (Because what have you got to lose?)


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