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Troubles Getting Started

On Mondays I usually share things I found over the weekend, and try my best to help you . . . well, start your engines.  

But I was up late last night, watching the Oscars.  So this morning?  Well.  I'm having a really hard time starting my own engines.

Which means . . . I got nothin' for you.
(You're on your own this Monday morning.)


So here's a pretty picture of a blooming amaryllis on my window sill.  And my wish for a painless start to a brand new week for all of us!

Some Surprises

This morning I woke up to a surprising bit of snow.  (Mostly surprising because the weather forecast was for a dire amount of snow, but it turned out to be only a tiny bit.)  (We've had a dearth of snow this year.  I think the weather forecasters are bored. And maybe a little hopeful.)


So I thought I would stay with that theme of surprise, and share other surprises (three of 'em, in fact) with you today.  Here are three things I'm going to do (or that I'm already doing) this year that might surprise you:

  1. I've started working with a personal trainer at the gym once a week.  (This is surprising because I've always said I'd never pay for a trainer on top of what I already pay in gym fees.  Surprise!  I love it!)  (Stay tuned.  I'll tell you more in a future post.)
  2. I'm going to Scotland this summer with a friend -- on a bike tour.  A bike tour where we'll be riding 50-60 miles each day through the Scottish countryside.  For a whole week. (This is surprising because, well, ohmygod what am I thinking.)
  3. We're finally (finally) going to buy a new mattress.  (This is maybe not so surprising, really.  Because it's been on my to-do list for at least 10 years.  So I guess what's surprising about this one is that we still haven't done it in the first place.)

What's something surprising YOU'RE doing this year?


Be sure to visit Carole today for more Three on Thursday posts.

Just Like the Sky

Progress continues on the gray cardigan.


The sleeves are finished!  (Always a good place to be.)  (Although I do still need to seam them.)  I'm only a few rows from finishing the bottom band.  Then . . . just the neck and front bands to go.

It's been a slog.  As I knew it would be.  Sport-weight yarn . . . in the color of the winter sky.  A bit dreary and gloomy, actually. 


For excitement . . . I have those lovely and random black flecks in the yarn.  (I love them so.)  And this great ribbing - which is not quite the typical kind of ribbing.  (One of the reasons I chose this particular pattern.) 

But this project was probably not the very best choice for January-and-into-February knitting.  Even the buttons I've chosen are rather dreary.


Still.  I can't wait to get this finished so I can wear it.  It may match the sky -- but it also matches nearly everything in my closet!


How about YOU?  What are you making this week?

So Much Better

Some of you are probably already familiar with (which means "following," of course) Stasia Savasuk.  And if you're not?  Well.  You just might want to!  Stasia is a "style coach" for the "everyday gal" -- and she says things that are just . . . outrageously wonderful. . . about finding your own personal style and loving the body you have right now.  (Because, as she says all the time, "your body is not the problem.")

Really.  Read her story.  You might want to watch her TedTalk.  And then follow her on Instagram (because she's hilariously on point).  And sign up for her newsletter (although that link wasn't working for me this morning. . . ).  She even hosts Stasia's Style School - an online course - if you're so inclined.  But just listen to what she is saying about matching up your inside . . . with what you're choosing to wear on the outside.  Because it's something we ALL should hear.

Last week on Instagram, Stasia had a perfectly fine sweatshirt that just didn't make her feel good while she was wearing it.  She was going to donate it and get it out of her closet.  But then she stopped . . . and asked what if I cut it up and made it fit/feel differently?  And . . . it worked better for her.

So I tried it.

I had this sweatshirt that was perfectly fine.  But everytime I put it on . . . I ended up taking it off.  Because it just didn't feel right. Here it is . . .


Perfectly fine.  But . . . not.

I think it was the turtleneck.  I am not a fan of turtlenecks, generally.  And especially not on a sweatshirt.  But I also didn't like the contrast on the cuffs.  The seam felt weird and the cuffs were wide around my wrists . . . so they were always getting in the way of things.


(Looks like I'm picking my nose . . . but I'm really trying to show you the turtleneck. . . )

So I cut around the seamline of the turtleneck . . . And I cut off the contrast cuffs.


Much better!  It felt so much better -- and looked more like . . . something I would wear.  

But still not quite.

So I decided it would look better without that contrast at the bottom.  And maybe . . . cropped.


So.  Snip-snip!


Now I have something I WILL wear to the gym!

Thanks, Stasia!  (Do check out her website/Instagram feed.  She has a great story to tell!)

And have you ever taken a pair of scissors to something in your closet before???  
I highly recommend it!  (Because what have you got to lose?)


Be sure to head over to Carole's today.  She's hosting the first of our 3 Read With Us discussion posts!  We can't wait to hear what you think.




Happy Monday

Time to . . . 


(On Monday mornings, I share a few things I found over the weekend.)


"Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine."
                        --- Anthony J. D'Angelo


(That's a real blue glow . . . coming from sunshine - actual sunshine - shining through my stained glass window yesterday.)  



This week, I have another timely, science-y word from Tom:


It's one of those words that just . . . make sense.  But I still don't like to think about it.



Have you ever wondered . . . how deep the ocean really is?  Click here for the answer!  This fun, interactive graphic will take you to the very bottom of the ocean, showing you what you'll see at every level all the way down.  It takes a while to get there . . . but it's totally worth the trip!



Speaking of "bringing your own sunshine" . . . lately, I've been kinda cranky -- and I'm pretty sure it's not just the State Of The World.  I think it's because we only had a few hours of sunshine during the entire month of January.  And when it's dark and gloomy day after day (after day), it starts to wear on you!  If that happens to you, too, you might be interested in this simple meditation/visualization exercise I found -- a way to keep the sun inside you. Even when the sun is nowhere to be seen.


That's it for this Monday morning.
Have a great week!

(And don't forget to join us tomorrow for the first of our Read With Us book discussions on our current book, Fever.  Carole will be hosting this week's discussion.  Please stop by.  The best part about a book group is hearing everyone's thoughts about the book.)