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Just What I Needed

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Let's start today's post with a soundtrack, shall we?  (And this one is worth clicking into!  It's a live performance by The Cars when they appeared on on The Midnight Special back in 1978.)

Way back last winter, I decided I needed a gray cardigan in my life.  And then I proceeded to get distracted by many a colorful sweater.  And holiday knitting.  And pretty much anything BUT a gray cardigan.  (I also had a hard time deciding on the right pattern, because I had something particular in mind . . . and I already had the yarn.  So that did complicate things a bit.)  (Do you know how many sport-weight cardigan patterns there are out there to choose from?)  (Many.  There are many.)

Anyway.  I finally started knitting my gray cardigan on New Year's Day.  
And, yeah.  It was a bit of a slog.
And, yeah.  I whined about it.

But.  In the end?


It's . . . just what I needed!

you always knew to wear it well . . .
and you look so fancy I can tell . . . 


I guess you're just what I needed . . . 
just what I needed!


Get all the details here on Ravelry.


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Oh my! It is PERFECT, Kym! I predict that this will get some heavy rotation! (and what a great pattern you picked from the gajillion choices!)


Oh Kym! What a marvelous sweater. I absolutely LOVE it and it looks SO GOOD on you! The slogging was well worth it.

Now...what's up next? More color???


Absolutely perfect! That sweater is so worth the wait and the slog. You do look so fancy!


Love it! You'll get so much wear out of it. It came together quickly!


It's terrific! I predict you will wear it over and over and over!


Beautiful sweater and I love the gray color. It is an elegant sweater and fits you perfectly!


That cardigan is so perfect and is so well done! I think you're likely to wear it to pieces!

(Also, just as an FYI, I had to use a different browser to comment/see comments. Not sure why Typepad isn't playing nicely with Firefox today.)


So classic! Grey is my staple neutral, light , medium,charcoal, it doesn’t matter. This pattern just may have popped in my favorites on Rav. The edging really gives the sweater that something special.


Love the gray sweater. You did a professional job. It looks good on you!

Kim Sheehan

That is an amazing sweater.


Looks great, Kym! I'm knitting a gray pullover "sweatshirt" type sweater with pockets. I know I'll love it but it's a drag right now...I'm about 1/2 done. Just think of all the snazzy colors you can wear under your gray cardigan!


Oh, what a great sweater! I love the interesting ribbing! And gray - gray is my favorite -- maybe not "color" but certainly to wear! I've wanted to try Quince & Co yarns but haven't yet. Congratulations!

Julia in KW

Looks great! It’s funny how “grey blobs” (your words, not mine😉), turn into “wear all the time” sweaters...so glad you’re happy with it!


You and the sweater look fabulous together. Isn't it nice when a sweater turns out to be a good dream. I am seriously considering knitting a gray pullover from a pattern I bought last winter. Seems like gray would go with everything I usually wear.


AWESOME Kym!! I have Chickadee in my stash - sadly not enough for long sleeves, but I do have plans for a short-sleeved pullover. I think it's the perfect weight for our climate ... for spring!


Simply lovely!


This sweater is a success! You really hit this one out of the park. You'll be wearing it for years to come. Every sweater has moments of SLOG, but this one had a big payoff!!

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