So Much Better
Some Surprises

Just Like the Sky

Progress continues on the gray cardigan.


The sleeves are finished!  (Always a good place to be.)  (Although I do still need to seam them.)  I'm only a few rows from finishing the bottom band.  Then . . . just the neck and front bands to go.

It's been a slog.  As I knew it would be.  Sport-weight yarn . . . in the color of the winter sky.  A bit dreary and gloomy, actually. 


For excitement . . . I have those lovely and random black flecks in the yarn.  (I love them so.)  And this great ribbing - which is not quite the typical kind of ribbing.  (One of the reasons I chose this particular pattern.) 

But this project was probably not the very best choice for January-and-into-February knitting.  Even the buttons I've chosen are rather dreary.


Still.  I can't wait to get this finished so I can wear it.  It may match the sky -- but it also matches nearly everything in my closet!


How about YOU?  What are you making this week?