Fever: Week 3 Discussion

Here We Go

It's Monday again!  Time to . . . 


(On Monday mornings, I share a few things I found over the weekend.)


"If the world seems cold to you, kindle fires to warm it."
            --- Lucy Larcom




Did you happen to catch this over the weekend?  Yes!  It's one thing to read an awesome blog post by one of your best pals.  But . . . it's EVEN BETTER to read it again when it's picked up by one of the "big blogs!"  If you haven't already read Carole's most excellent essay, be sure to click in and read it now.  (And if you have already read it?  Well.  Click in and read it again.  Because it's a good one!)  Congratulations, Carole!  Thanks for speaking up - and speaking out!



I tend to think that emojis are generally self-explanatory.  But maybe - before you hit "send" - you have a fleeting worry about that emoji you're using.  Will your recipient understand the meaning you're trying to convey?

Well.  Just in case you want to be certain, there is an encyclopeida of emojis for you to consult!  An . . .  "emojipedia"!  You can even track the "trending" emojis.  Or find the newest emojis.  (Hoo-boy.  Who knew?)  



Hold on to your hats, everyone.  Mercury is in retrograde again!  Curious about what else is happening in the night skies this month?  Here's a quick run down for the month of February.  (I'm happy to be able to see the stars in my night sky again . . . for the first time in months! Thank you clear skies.)


That's it for this Monday morning, y'all!  I hope your week is off to a great start.

And don't forget to check in here tomorrow for the third and final week of our Read With Us discussion of Fever.  (If you've been waiting to talk about Alfred . . . well.  Tomorrow is your chance!)  See you then.



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Carole's article/post was so good!! So proud of her. And Mercury - again??? Wasn't it just in retrograde not so long ago?


Emojipedia? Who knew! (and I love you for finding these obscure items!) XO

Happy Monday to you!


Thank you so much for sharing my essay and saying nice things about it and me! Mwah! And how perfect that you shared a Lucy Larcom quote today. She was one of the first teachers at Wheaton when it was the Wheaton Female Seminary. Lucy and I go way back!


I'm pretty clueless when it comes to emojis. We've got "man in suit levitating" (when would that be used?) but only a ball of yarn for knitting. We need needles and some stockinette or garter stitch!
P.S. Can't wait to hear what you've got to say about Alfred!


Good stuff Kym! (And yes...the world does seem cold to me! Cold, grey, more cold, more grey...seems harder than ever this year!) :-) xo


I must check out that Emojipedia -- I find I use the same ones over and over, mainly because I feel pretty secure in what they mean, but I could be dead wrong!


all the heart eyes (I don't know how to type emojis on my laptop!) for the emojipedia (especially this article https://blog.emojipedia.org/the-definitive-guide-to-emoji-punctuation/)


I've often wished for a emojipedia and have even looked on line but I guess I didn't know what to call it. LOL Some of the new emogis are just too weird (for me). I'm sure they'll have a use for someone.

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