Starting Things Off
Workin' On Her Fitness: February Update

Gittin'r'Dun in February!

At the beginning of the month, I set out with this (rather ambitious) "bucket list:"


(And, yeah.  There it is again.  Still with the mattress. . . )

But now . . . here we are, running smack-dab up against March already, and I'm happy to report I've got nearly everything crossed off my list!


(YES!!!  Oh, Hallelujah!  Even the mattress!!!)

And I still have a couple of days left, even!

(Guess what I'll be working on before the weekend turns into March. . . )


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SWEET!!! Good luck with the tax stuff. I had an appointment last weekend which went well, but I STILL don't have all the documents needed (1099s). Hopefully in a week or so.


That almost completely crossed off list looks good! I hope you have time to celebrate your awesomeness before you start on your March list.


Ugh, taxes. But think how good it will feel to cross THAT item off the list!

(BTW, I still can't comment when using Firefox. I just open the post in Safari, but it might be worth looking to see if it's a known Typepad issue?)

kathy b

Good for you ! ! The tax burden collection of information continues here. We do have a meeting soon, with our tax guy. Hope the news is painless.
I had to put off the mammogram for me, as I have injured my tailbone and cannot drive to the facility just yet. But it should be fine to wait.
I usually don't like March, but I just might this year!


Woo! That is a good looking list! (Happy Tax Weekending...oy!) XO


Doug finished our taxes! Congrats on getting. it. done. It does feel great! xo


Is there anything more satisfying than checking something off your to do list? Especially something that's been on there for a long time? Go you!!


That would be the last thing crossed off if that was my list, too.
Heh. I'm wishing you a productive weekend!!

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