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Warming a (Knitting) Mom's Heart

I ended up knitting a few quick gifts for Christmas for my kids and my dad -- hats and slippers.  (You can find the details on Ravelry here, here, here, and here . . . should you be so inclined.)  My kids always claim to like the things I knit them, but they all live (or lived, because Brian is now close by but didn't used to be) far away, so . . . y'know . . . I'd never know if they ACTUALLY used them, or if they were just humoring me.


Imagine my delight when we were all together this year for the holidays . . . and I saw my hand knit offerings (both from this Christmas and years past) IN USE IN THE WILD!

We had a family curling outing on Christmas Day, for example . . . and out came the hats!


Here's Erin and Keith in hats-by-Mom.  (Keith is sporting his brand-new Christmas Basic Chic Ribbed Beanie, and Erin is wearing her favorite Barley . . . knit back in 2014!)


And look!  Here's Brian and Lauren in MORE hats-by-Mom!  (Brian has on his Christmas St. James beanie, and Lauren is wearing the Water hat I made for her last year.)

And they wore these hats ALL the time, totally unprompted -- and not just while curling!  (And I'm pretty sure it wasn't JUST because they were humoring me.)



IMG_7513 2


It just warms my heart!


That's my new grand-puppy in that last photo with Lauren.  Her name is Ferda. (Brian and Lauren are Letterkenny fans. If you watch the show, you'll get the name.)  And let me tell you . . . she is FULL of spunk and energy!  (But not a carpet-eater.)  (So far.)


And . . . just for fun:





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Such technique! :-) Nice job on the hats and there's nothing better than seeing them worn! Fun times in MI Kym...hello Ferda!


It's just THE BEST to see someone wearing something you knit for them, especially when you know it is not just to please you!

PUPS!!! They are best.

So - will we be seeing you AND Tom curling in the next Olympic Games???


These photos warm my heart also, especially because they all had to think about your hats ahead of time and make sure to pack them! These people all seem quite knit-worthy to me. Ferda and curling ferda win!


Ferda is adorable! And, YAY for Mom Knits!! But, Curling Kym is most awesome (but she needs a Curling Cap!!) XO

Cheryl S.

Where is YOUR hat?
So nice to see people enjoying your knits!


Yes - where is YOUR hat? I bet that curling time was just so fun (and a very good workout). This is just an awesome post Kym - love all the pictures of your kiddies enjoying their knit-wear.

Ferda is adorable (those ears!!).


There is nothing better for a knitter than seeing your projects being used and loved!

I saw your curling video that you posted on IG and appreciated knowing that it's not nearly as easy as it looks!


That's great that they are all sporting hats by mom! But you need one for yourself now!! Was the curling fun? I think we need a separate post on this Christmas Day activity.

Linda W.

Great hats! I knit for my mom, sisters, and friends but not my husband and dad as they will not wear handknits.
I downloaded Fever yesterday and started reading. Good so far. Thanks for the $1.99 heads up.

Gale Zucker

There really is not much like the warm fuzzy feeling you get when your loved ones wear your warm fuzzy handknits! And yours are all so adorable. That is genuine knitworthiness .


What a lovely family! Nothing better than seeing those knits being worn without prompting. BTW way great form on the curling ice!


So fun! All of it. But what amazes me is that they still HAVE their hats. So often accessories get lost. (I am still mourning a beautiful cream-colored scarf in the discontinued GGH Samoa). Going now to check out your Ravelry links:).


Oh, how fun!! I am thrilled when my grandkids turn up in handknits -- sometimes in multiples or one child wearing multiple items! It's been nearly six years since I became a grandmother, and there's been a lot of knitting, so to see hand-me-downs on their 3rd wearer... it just makes me glow inside. :)


why aren't you and Tom wearing hats? ;-) and I just love that puppy. she's a cutie, and I'm so glad she doesn't eat carpet (yet)!


Learning to curl on Christmas Day is a great family activity. How fun you can all share this sport and even better they happily sport hats from previous years. Smith has a pile of hats he picks from before walking Mr. Mylo. I love seeing him choose hand knits over anything else.


Whoa! Look at that Curling technique. I can say I know nothing about Curling but it looks like a great way to be together and get moving. And hooray for everyone wearing their hats. What a wonderful holiday!

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