Sometimes . . .

Trying Not to Whine

So.  I'm working hard right now on . . . 

Not whining.
Being grateful for incremental improvement.
Accepting a slow recuperation with grace and dignity.


But I gotta tell you . . . having the flu (because surely that's what this is) (and, yes, I did have a flu shot) is just a bummer.  I'm reading a lot, knitting a little.  Napping.  And rescheduling every single blasted thing on my calendar this week.

Getting better.  Slowly.
Still being watched over by these two.  (Although as you can see, they're sleeping on the job right now.)

IMG_1482 2

Since my life is rather dull at present, let me show you something more interesting!  

Tom left last Friday for a fishing adventure in Argentina.  
Again? you ask.  Didn't he do that already?
Yes.  Twice.
But this time, he went to a new and different place to fish in Argentina.  And he's fishing for other kinds of fish.


The other 2 times he's gone to Argentina, he went to Patagonia -- where the yellow arrow is pointing (thereabouts) -- and he fished for giant rainbow trout that live in a big lake in a very cold and windy remote part of Argentina.

This time, he's up near Bueno Aires -- where the bright green arrow is pointing -- and he is on the Paraná River on the Mothership (so called because that's where they sleep and eat, and then they take smaller boats to fish on the river each day).  Now, he is fishing for golden dorado, and the weather is very, very hot.


He is having a VERY good time.  (And is not at all sick.)


He even caught a piranha!  YIKES!


So.  I guess we could say . . . My husband went to Argentina, and all I got was this lousy flu!