Auld Lang Syne

The Choice is Ours

Openin 2

"New year—a new chapter, new verse, or just the same old story?
    Ultimately we write it.
    The choice is ours."

     ----- Alex Morritt

Here we are . . . 2020!
Let's choose wisely.


New year, new look!  
I'm debuting my fresh, new blog banner today.  
(Thanks, Vicki . . . for helping me come up with such a special, fun look.)


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Your banner is colorful, bright, and it shows who you are! I like the way the number 2020 is more balanced, seems softer (well-rounded), and I like the way it rolls off the tongue. May it live up to my expectations!


I love the quote you've chosen because it rings so true to me -- how we choose to write our story, whether we change or keep doing the same thing, is up to us. Here's to a year of writing a good story for all of us!


A beautiful new banner to start the year off right!


I love it Kym. So colorful and fun. Here's to positive, meaningful choices in 2020. I agree with Margene, 2020 just sounds and feels so much better!


Your new banner is beautiful! Now I want a "balanced" cup of tea in a pretty mug and delightfully sharp colored pencils in all manner of colors!


Beautiful banner AND beautiful quote! Happy New Year to you!


Happy New Year! A new Banner is beautiful way to start the year!


I love the new beautiful banner. New year - fresh starts. These are good thoughts. Happy New Year.


Wonderful message for the new year and all the days ahead. Your banner if wonderful!


That blank calendar page.... so full of possibility!!!

Love the new banner.

kathy b

Lovely new banner!!! Happy 2020. May it be a good one for all

We are ready for our regular routines to come around again now!


Guy Lombardo...Perry Como...Bing Crosby. NOW it feels like the Holidays. Thanks Kym and Happy New Year.


Happy New Year, Kym!! I'm so happy that I was able to do that for you -- a great start to my year, too, for a variety of reasons. I love that you love it! Those pencils... they beckon so!!


Love it! And those pencils so inspire! 2020 is going to be pretty special in our house...retirement here we come! What's next?! xo


Happy 2020, Kym - and I LOVE the new banner!!


Let the “roaring twenties” begin.

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