A Look Back . . . At the Things I Knit in 2019
Trying Not to Whine

Sometimes . . .

It's Monday.  
And time to start your engines.  
But you've lost the keys.


(Gratuitous amaryllis photo . . . because I've got nothin' else. . . )

Last Thursday night, I was going on about my evening -- making dinner, helping Tom pack for an adventure, working on my art class homework -- when all of a sudden . . . I was sick.  Like go-lie-down-right-now sick.  Big headache.  A cough.  Fever.

I got up on Friday (under protest from every fiber of my body) to get Tom to the airport*, but as soon as I got back home I headed straight back to bed, trailing objects behind me as I made a beeline to more sleep:  keys, purse, jacket, shoes, glasses.  And I stayed in bed - sleeping - for the next 36 hours!  (The dogs were my constant companions, watching over me and gently licking my face whenever they needed to go out - or eat.  Good dogs.)

Things are improving.  My brain-fog is lifting.  I am up and about again -- even "pulled an all-dayer" yesterday!  But.  Hoo boy.  That was not fun - and totally unexpected.

I'll be picking up the pieces for a few days, as best I can.  I hope you're all healthy and in good spirits today!  

(And now I'm off to watch the Oscar nominations. . . )


* Tom is in Argentina again -- this time fishing for Golden Dorado.