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One Final 2019 Wrap-Up

Plain Vanilla



Nothing fancy.


And after not being able to knit last week (couldn't even knit with that dang flu), I am finally making progress on the long-awaited gray cardigan.  (That's what binge-watching Cheer on Netflix will do. . . )

(It's this sweater in this yarn.)

How about you?  What are you working on?


Throwing out this question for you:  I'm planning to knit the sleeves on this top-down sweater flat.  (Why?  I hates knitting sleeves top-down in the round.  Hates.)  What's your preference . . . knitting sleeves flat?  Or in the round?


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This picture of your gray sweater (along with your general love of gray) reminds me of Napagal’s all gray version of Stephen West’s Pengueno. I stumbled on it on Ravelry and it was a revelation. All one color allows you to see the actual beautiful construction. His original multicolored design focuses, of course, on the juxtaposition of colors. Your sweater is nothing like his, I realize, but as a gray lover myself the SW one just popped into my head.


That was PenguOno and Gal with a capital G. (Old age seeping in):)

Cheryl S.

In general, I like to knit sweaters flat and seamed. It's not as fast, but it allows for more adjustments if you get half a sweater done and find out that your gauge is off. But with top-down sweaters like this, I usually end up knitting them in the round just because it's easier to adjust the length. But I still like them better when knit flat. Aside from the knitting itself, seamless sleeves stretch out a lot lengthwise, while flat/seamed sleeves will keep their shape better.


Gray Cardigan Reclining in Snow is a lovely composition! I think of myself as a plain vanilla person in many ways and admire some good plain vanilla knitting. I don't knit sweaters, so won't offer an opinion, other than to say if you hate sleeves top-down in the round, don't do it!

kim in oregon

Should I watch Cheer? I think your answer is yes.


Gorgeous sweater! And, I say knit those sleeves flat! It really is a nice way to go! I think Mary knits all her sleeves flat on top down sweaters! I have done it and I don't mind it at all!


That is going to be such a go-to sweater! And regarding the sleeves...I'm pretty much cattle and do what I'm told but that said and reading these comments...go flat! :-)


I don't think I've ever knit sleeves flat. I could be wrong about that but I think I have only done in the round. It's the best way! ;)


Very lovely vanilla you have going here. If I am knitting a top down sweater, I knit the sleeves in the round. I mark each decrease with a safety pin type stitch marker so I can count rows and make them very nearly the same.


Your sweater is going to be such a staple -- that color and the elegant simplicity of it are so versatile! I'm firmly in the sleeves in the round camp. I'm much faster if I can just knit knit knit; turning to purl slows me down.


I think you're the second (or maybe even 3rd) person to mention Cheer in a blog post this week which has me thinking I should check it out. That's a great pattern for a cardigan, you know you will wear it so much! I knit sleeves in whatever way the pattern calls for, I don't mind in the round and I don't mind flat and seamed.


That is going to be SO NICE! The only top-down sweaters I've ever knit were for babies or kids. I've found that when I knit the sleeves in the round, my gauge is always WAY different than for the body. I've only ever knit sweaters in pieces for myself!


I'm not a fan of sleeve knitting, period. I have done it both ways and always go back to knitting in the round. Why, I dislike seaming even more.
I will be interested in what you do and if knitting flat, how the seaming goes.
Glad you are on the mend and entering the world again.

gale z

You are a stronger woman than I, knitting a plain gray sweater this time of year! I share your dislike of sleeves in the round yet I also like not having to seam sleeves ,'s a case-by-case basis for me which way to do it.
Glad you are feeling better.
I'm still highly entertained by my scrappy mulitcolored coin patterned scarf from the Mason Dixon Knitting Kagffe Fassett patterns.


A plain gray sweater will get so much wear! You'll grab it constantly, surely. I'm a fan of knitting sweaters in pieces, but when I have knit in the round my sleeve gauge is always way tighter than the body. You'll want to try a swatch to make sure your sleeves gauge doesn't change. I go for magic loop if I knit in the round (and go up a needle size).


The sweater is lovely!!
I have just added it to my que.
I am TOTALLY with you on sleeves in the round. I hate knitting them, and I hate wearing them. They feel like a spring on my arms.


I love the simple style and gray-ness of this cardigan.

I think I prefer knitting sleeves flat, but the last top down sweater made, I did that, even though not prescribed. And I had more trouble with those corner gaps than I do when I knit in the round. As I was sewing up (which I like to do, actually) I devised a theory of why this is, which I now can't remember. Of course you can fiddle with those loose spots and fix them (of course I did), but that was my experience.

I'm knitting another top down sweater right now, which is fair isle, so two reasons to knit them in the round. The "gappy spot" is almost non-existent.


three CHEERs for catching up!! and always - knit cardigan sleeves flat so the knitting matches the body.

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