Workin' on Her Fitness: Part 1 In What Will Be a Yearlong Series

January Blahs

Usually, I have the January Blahs because . . . winter is never-ending and there is so much snow and the sun doesn't shine.

This year, I have the January Blahs because . . . even though it is WAY warmer than usual, winter is still never-ending - even when there is hardly any snow - and the sun still doesn't shine.


January is simply a bleak and dreary time!

It is warm(ish).  At least for typical Michigan standards.  We've had some snow, but not nearly as much as usual.  And what snow we have had has been really wet and heavy.  We've had a ton of precipitation:  rain, freezing rain, "wintry-mix," more rain. Just not much snow.  The snow we do have on the ground right now . . . is frozen and crunchy and hard to walk on.


And . . . we've had 4 hours of sunshine all month!  (And not in a row.)

No matter how you slice it, January is just a drag.

So I decided it would be best if I stop whining; if I try to turn it around a little bit.  Maybe . . . think of things that I could find to be grateful about this January.  It was hard!!!  But I came up with three things:

  1. Driving is much easier.  (There have been a couple of bad days, but . . . nothing like usual!)
  2. There have been no snow days.  (Which means none of my gym or art classes have been canceled so far!)
  3. All the moisture is good for the trees we planted last fall.  (And none of my plants are in danger of extreme temperature damage!)



There you go.  Three things to be grateful about . . . on this crappy January day.


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