One Little Word . . . 2020
January Blahs


Knitting on my gray cardigan continues.  
(I'm deep into the second sleeve.) (Knitting flat.)  
(It is a big gray blob.)  
(Nothing to see here.)  
(Move along.)

So I'll show you something else.

When I had the flu a couple of weeks ago, my brain was in a deep fog.  I couldn't manage much.  I couldn't knit.  I couldn't read. My eyes hurt too much to watch tv.  But I could sit on the couch and doodle!  I grabbed a piece of illustration board and a black pen and I started drawing . . . grid shapes.  Then I got out my watercolor pencils and a paintbrush.  And I started doing this. . . 


It got me through those long, sick days.

There was not much to it.  Just grids.  Color.  And some shading.

I had so much fun with it, I kept going.  Even after I was feeling better.  Now it looks like this.


I think it's finished.  (Although I keep messing with it.)

IMG_6673 2

Adding little details here and there.


Messing with the color.


It's a good . . . counterbalance . . . to knitting a big blob of gray cardigan!

How about YOU?  What are you making today?




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I love that art piece! It would look lovely on my wall - wink, wink


I love it! (Like you I am drawn to lines and grids.) I'm making a shawl with some wool from a sheep I sponsor. Hey what a great blog idea....hahahhahahhaha. :-)


You'r doodling is wonderful. I notice that you'r doodle coloring run along the same color value as you'r knitting. Amazing, how our brain works like that.
I too, am on sleeve island....ugh!


That's very very cool. I don't think I would ever attempt something like it - it's amazing what you create!


I need to knit a second mitten...I finished the first one nearly two weeks ago! Instead of knitting that mitten, I've been playing around with a crewel work embroidery kit, it's slow going but I'm enjoying it.


I forgot to mention that I think your painting is amazing!!!


What great doodling and the perfect antidote to not being able to do anything except feel completely crappy!


That is simply awesome! What fun (although being sick not so much!) I love the little details you keep adding! If this is what you do when you feel crappy.... hoo boy!

(And, great blob knitting is not nearly as photogenic!)


This is a creative and rewarding way of doodling. This is a piece you could play with a add to for a long time to come. The change of color from light to dark, the gold really pops with all the deep blues and browns. Fun work!


Fun!! Reminds me of this morning's MDK post with the excerpt from the Kaffe Fassett book "Dreaming in Color." Great idea for those times when you can't do anything else!


Love the geometry of your drawing. Embellish away!


That's an amazing piece! I hope you frame it! Are you familiar with Tomie dePaola? Your style reminds me a little of his.

I've been working on a hat in very old handspun, and it's so much fun to see how the colors play out because there was no color management whatsoever in the spinning.

kathy b

That is so cool. It seems medieval in feel to me. Dont know why? I love your creation.
Im working on fingerless mitts for Al


I like it, It looks like it could be a great wall mural. I see the Tomie de Paola resemblance in the shading.

Julia In KW

That is so cool...and a wonderful contrast to gray blobs (no matter how great those blobs will be when they are all finished!😉)


That is lovely artwork. Just beautiful. I admire those who are creative with visual arts. Including you.


wow, Kym, I love it! ...and I can't help but think that MY brain on flu would look much like your gray cardigan. mush. not much shape. ;-)


Oooh, I LOVE THAT!!!


I just love watercolor pencils and I'm experimenting with them this year...your piece is wonderful . Do enjoy it and making many others. Glad you're feeling better!

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