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Watch Out, Everyone: It's 2020 Tom


"Begin as you mean to go on."
 --- Charles H. Spurgeon

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I had never heard that quote above until I started reading blogs many years ago.  New Year's Day was never a big deal in my family growing up, and I continued that not-a-tradition as I grew up and established my own family.  New Year's Day was simply . . . an ending . . . for me. The end of the "holiday cycle."  The day we took down the Christmas decorations.  The time to get ready to go back to school or back to work.  Usually, by the time New Year's Day rolled around, I was exhausted and often sick with a cold -- and just ready for the whole "thing" to be over!

But as I grew older and my kids grew up and "the holidays" didn't feel so much like a burden, I decided to change my thinking - and start some new traditions for myself.  I embraced New Year's Day as . . . a quiet day -- but a quiet day with purpose!  I took on the concept of beginning-as-I-meant-to-go-on.

And so my day yesterday was a good start to a new year.

  1. I took care of myself . . . with rest and exercise; stretching and meditating; good foods and fresh air.
  2. I got myself organized . . . by updating my calendar, clearing my work spaces, and taking care of some nagging paperwork.
  3. I did some dabbling . . . with pencils and sketchbook and thread and yarn.

Great ways to begin.
And definitely ways I mean to go on.

And maybe you can even guess what project I (finally) cast on. . .  if I show you the yarn!


(Because . . . it's time.)


The top photo above?  It's dog footprints in the snow . . . melting-and-refreezing on my patio.




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OMG. Could it be?? A gray cardigan????


I'm with Vicki - a gray cardigan is in the works! I love the idea of beginning the year with the things we want to continue.


To everything (turn, turn, turn)
There is a season (turn, turn, turn)
And a time to every purpose, under heaven
A time to knit a gray cardigan!


Love the dog paw print photo. And yay for a grey cardigan!!! We are quiet folks on the 1st (and 31st) too. I always took our tree down on the 1st, but Fletch likes it up longer and I've decided that the 1st should be a day of no chores, so I did a lot of knitting and had a nap (it was way too windy to get out for a walk unfortunately).


At first I thought that photo was seafoam on the sand -- but then I realized that of course it was snow! I guess you can tell that I'm still on vacation and have the beach on the brain.

I used to not care for New Year's Day that much, even as a kid, because it always felt like a recovery day for me (even without a hangover) and so often it meant I'd be back to school/work the next day, which was always depressing. The past few years, though, with where the holiday has fallen during the week and my daughter's school schedule, we've been lucky enough to extend our time off and away by a few days, so I feel like I can really enjoy it. I hope that trend continues!


I learned that phrase on message boards (AOL) years ago --- mostly regarding cross stitching.

I've thought about that every New Year's Eve. Some years ---------I planned to go to bed early for the year.


I love coming gently into the new year ... and you might be surprised at my cast-on (hint: it was NOT a gray cardigan ;-)

Gale Z

That sounds like a great start for the year. Mine was much the same except the organizer planner desk-clearing part. I can’t find the special place
I stowed my planner while I took a few days off! Guess that means I needed the down time?!


Finally, the gray cardigan!


Happy New Year Kym! All the best for a fabulous 2020.


Wahooo for a grey cardigan!! AT.FREAKING.LAST!!


Grey cardigans rule! And I did pretty much the same as you on 1/1. Someone I know wrote...365 new opportunities. I like that.


Wahoo! A grey cardigan! Looking forward to seeing it come into being ! Knit! Knit!


You are going to LOVE this long anticipated gray cardigan!

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