The Choice is Ours
Watch Out, Everyone: It's 2020 Tom


"Begin as you mean to go on."
 --- Charles H. Spurgeon

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I had never heard that quote above until I started reading blogs many years ago.  New Year's Day was never a big deal in my family growing up, and I continued that not-a-tradition as I grew up and established my own family.  New Year's Day was simply . . . an ending . . . for me. The end of the "holiday cycle."  The day we took down the Christmas decorations.  The time to get ready to go back to school or back to work.  Usually, by the time New Year's Day rolled around, I was exhausted and often sick with a cold -- and just ready for the whole "thing" to be over!

But as I grew older and my kids grew up and "the holidays" didn't feel so much like a burden, I decided to change my thinking - and start some new traditions for myself.  I embraced New Year's Day as . . . a quiet day -- but a quiet day with purpose!  I took on the concept of beginning-as-I-meant-to-go-on.

And so my day yesterday was a good start to a new year.

  1. I took care of myself . . . with rest and exercise; stretching and meditating; good foods and fresh air.
  2. I got myself organized . . . by updating my calendar, clearing my work spaces, and taking care of some nagging paperwork.
  3. I did some dabbling . . . with pencils and sketchbook and thread and yarn.

Great ways to begin.
And definitely ways I mean to go on.

And maybe you can even guess what project I (finally) cast on. . .  if I show you the yarn!


(Because . . . it's time.)


The top photo above?  It's dog footprints in the snow . . . melting-and-refreezing on my patio.