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A Look Back . . . At the Things I Knit in 2019

My one little word for 2019 was intention . . . and I decided early on in the process to bring intention to my knitting.  (You can read more about that here, if you're interested in the nitty-gritty.) Basically, I decided to: 

  • Only knit what I would actually wear or use.  
  • Stick with using yarn I already had.  
  • In colors I love.  
  • And styles that suit me.  
  • No KALs.  No mysteries. 

I wanted to avoid jumping on any knitting-bandwagons that weren't right for me . . . or committing to doing something in a given time limit . . . or chasing a shiny object that wouldn't work for me or my closet.  

I still wanted to have some fun with my knitting, though, should something unexpected and perfect show up.  I didn't want to set myself up to feel like I'd failed if some new yarn made its way into my stash.  I wanted to be intentional about my knitting -- but I also wanted to be flexible enough to be inspired!

Now, as I look back on my knitting in 2019, I declare it a success!  When I look back over my Ravelry projects for 2019, I see . . . no clunkers!  I see 6 sweaters that I love and wear (none of them ended up in the Goodwill pile, which is a big win for me).  I see a stack of dishcloths we use all the time.  I see gifts for babies and kids and curlers and dads.  And I see only 2 shawls (because, really, I have plenty of shawls and was trying to Look Away From the Shawls in 2019) -- but I use them both.  Not a dud in the bunch!  I call that a great knitting year!

(And, yeah.  I know.  There is no gray cardigan in there.  But I don't see that as a failure.  I see it as a casualty of my being "flexible enough to be inspired.")

What were my favorite knits of 2019?

My hands-down, #1 favorite project of the year was my Night Shift shawl.


I used gorgeous yarn from Briar Rose -- and I had so much fun shifting those beautiful colors.  (I didn't use color-changing yarn, so all those shifts you see?  They're my doing!  My favorite projects are always the ones where I get to play with color.)  If you've been thinking about trying one of Andrea Mowry's "shifty" projects, I highly recommend you do it.  Fun.  (Like . . . really fun!)  Great instructions.  And a pretty fabulous result.

Next up, my Felix Pullover.


There is a good reason so many people have knit this great sweater (or the companion Felix Cardigan).  It's quick to knit (once you get the eyelet increases straight), fits great, and works with everything in your closet.  I knit mine from (stashed) Brooklyn Tweed Shelter -- which makes it light AND warm.

And then, my Alanis sweater.


This layering piece is so perfectly "my style" that I wear it constantly.  It's a quick knit from a well-written pattern by Elizabeth Smith.  I knit mine in Brooklyn Tweed Shelter (again, from stash).  And . . . it has a sweet little pocket, too.


What to look for from me (knitting-wise) in 2020?

Well.  First up, you'll finally see that gray cardigan.  But other than that?  Who knows!  My knitting plan for 2020 . . . is to have no knitting plan. There are a few things I'm thinking about knitting this year (each of those highlighted words is a separate link, by the way), but I don't do well when I box myself into any kind of "queue" or "make nine" kind of structure.  For me, knitting is about inspiration coupled with the whims of my moods.  I'll keep my "intention" goals (top of this post) at the forefront of my project decisions (because that worked well for me), but beyond that, I commit to nothing.   

I just know . . . there will be knitting in 2020.  And that's enough for me right now.

How about YOU?  Do you like to organize your knitting plans in a structured way . . . or do your prefer to just let inspiration guide you?  What would you love to knit in 2020?





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Those cropped sweaters are just awesome on you! (it's not a style that would work on me at all, sadly) and I love your Night Shift Shawl, too. I don't have knitting intentions but I wonder if I should. Perhaps I'd knit/finish more projects if I set some goals for myself.


What a wonderfully successful knitting year you had! Intention looks like it worked perfectly and you've knit some really beautiful and wearable pieces. My knitting plans for 2020 are the same as yours (there will be knitting!), but not much detail beyond that. I'd like to finish some Hitchhikers and socks that are otn, and I'd really like to knit a Night Shift. I have been dreaming and planning some colors ...


I like the IDEA of organizing but the reality is that I do a lot of flip flopping and switching. Felix and Alanis are bit this my queue and I have yarn that will work in my stash.


Your projects are absolutely beautiful. I have no plan what-so-ever! Though I'd like to knit Mycroft, Felix pullover and Night Shift. Maybe I just made a plan? :-) Here's to knitting in 2020...however it shakes out! (But no mysteries or KAL I agree!)


I also like that green cropped that you're wearing under your purple jacket in Picture 1!


You made beautiful items this year Kym and they all work on/for you so well! I looked at your links, and I really, really like Elorie. I've also been eyeing Pheasant (like so many others). The yoke is just so pretty and, I just like the name of the pattern (kind of like buying wine for the label - lol). No plans for moi. I'll knit socks (because that's what I always do) and there are some patterns I've been looking at/drooling over but nothing specific. We'll just have to wait and see what inspires me!


I love those sweaters! You look so cute in those cropped ones. I don’t do well with fitting in a box, so my knitting plans so I’m probably a lot like yours right now. I just finished my sweater I have another sock to knit and then who knows?
Like you I have a few ideas but we’ll see 😊


I was sort of shocked to see that I hadn't knit a single shawl last year, but I'm in the same boat with MANY to choose from already (even after sending a boatload to another for giving). My only knitting plans this year involve working on being more comfortable with colorwork!

Also? Must knit a Night Shift. :)


You did have a great year of knitting, Kym - and sounds like 2020 will provide more of the same!


I'm really glad to hear that your general plan worked out to create some really winning projects for you!

I'm generally not too structured in what I knit; I have a general plan of some things I want to make, but I also anticipate that new patterns will pop up and distract me. This year, I really want to make a bunch of sweaters with stash yarn. I've gotten bored with many of the sweaters I already have, and as I've lost some weight, many of them are now a bit big on me. My first sweater of the year (once I get off my butt and swatch for it) is the Darkwater pullover by Jennifer Steingass in an awesome BFL/Shetland/Manx Loaghtan blend from a local yarnie. I my Humulus out of the same yarn and it's become my favorite.


Wow! I love all the patterns you shared. The Night Shift is gorgeous!


I love my Felix Cardigan so much, I am thinking about the pullover as well! And, I love your choices - especially the Pheasant sweater (the yarn is on its way to me from Shetland!)

I am giving myself permission this year to make things again that I love and wear all the time - sans guilt.


When it comes to my knitting, I obviously fly by the seat of my pants. ROFL

What I'd like to knit? Flax Light The yarn is wound, my swatch is worked up and I am ready to go!


gale z

I always love your knitting project choices and last year no exception. I am going to follow your Shift reco in 2020 I hope!


Your Felix pullover is one of my favorites. It suits you and looks fabulous on you. I have a sweater quantity of Shelter but wonder if my hands would be up to knitting on needles that large. It's a great looking knit as is everything you did this year!


Hooray for your successful year of knitting! My knitting plans for 2020 are rather loose - to be thoughtful about my choices while enjoying my knitting. I also aim to be open to possibilities. For many years. I taught school full time while we raised our children. Then I just taught full time. Out of necessity, life was regimented and free time was precious. At the time, knitting was the one time I didn't have to be bound by arbitrary rules/goals or heaven forbid, mission statements. That way of thinking suit me so I continue in the same vein.

kathy b

I agree. Your sweaters are amazing
You have me thinking a bout Alanis.
Since my daughter is sending me her yarns, I may venture.

I made some nice baby gifts last year.
I knitted a hat for my friend top down and he loved it. I tease Fireman that he never loves my hats. I knitted that skirt for AL. I don't think she liked it, but it was so fun to make. ... My father wore a pair of my knitted socks on his death bed........and I won't ever forget that. I loved the shawls, but gave most away .

I won't commit to any plan for my knits. Im too flighty. Especially right now.

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