Here We Go Again

Watch Out, Everyone: It's 2020 Tom

Okay.  In describing my husband, Tom, I'd use words like . . . adventurous, curious, adaptable, fun-loving, and open.

IMG_4615 3

I'd also use words like . . . smart, thoughtful, prudent, reasonable, and steady.

(He's a good guy, all around.)

He doesn't make knee-jerk decisions.  He considers options and thinks through scenarios.  He does his homework.  He takes his time.  But once he decides, well . . . he decides!  (If you are familiar with Gretchen Rubin's Four Tendencies, Tom is the ultimate Questioner.  With a capital Q.)

When we're going to make Major Decision (buying a new car, for example, or booking a cruise to Alaska), we talk about it and think about it and "look into it" and generally let the decision simmer for awhile.  Usually we know that - ultimately we'll do . .  whatever . . . but we want to make sure.  Think it over some more.  Weigh things out.  Agonize.  Feel GOOD about our decision. (Because I'm a Questioner, too, you see.)

So.  See if this discussion fits the profile. . . 

(Scene:  Brushing teeth together on the evening of New Year's Day.)

Tom:  I think we should go to Italy.
Kym:  Okay.

(Scene:  Next day, over lunch.)

Kym:  I found a couple of trip options for Italy.
Tom:  Let's see them.

(Scene:  Minutes later, staring at laptop.)

Tom:  I like that one.
Kym:  Me, too.
Tom:  Book it.
Kym: (stunned silence)

(I know, right???)


We're off to Italy next September.  And we didn't agonize over it for a month before deciding to do it!  (So unlike us.)  When I mentioned to Tom at dinner time that I still couldn't believe we had done that, he looked at me with the biggest of his big Tom-grins and said . . . 

"This is 2020 Tom!"

(I think I may need a safety helmet.)


Have a great weekend, and I'll see you on Monday!