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Winter Interlude

I spent yesterday in Chicago with friends.  It was such a lovely winter interlude.  The sun was even shining!  (Which is a rare treat anywhere near the Great Lakes in winter.)

What did we do?


1 -- We took in the Andy Warhol exhibit at the Chicago Art Institute.  It was just fascinating!  He was so, So, SO far ahead of his time (and so much more than soup cans and Marilyn Monroe).


2 -- We ate lunch at Terzo Piano.  Fabulous food, a most excellent view, and a great atmosphere.


3 -- We visited the Christkindlemarket set up in the Daley Center downtown.  Lots of fun!  We didn't buy much, but we did enjoy drinking hot, mulled wine (in souvenir boot cups!) while strolling around the market.  Very festive!

A great day -- and a wonderful way to celebrate the season with friends.


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kim in oregon

How fun! I was just thinking last night how I missed the Art Institute. I went to college in Evanston and then worked and lived on E. Ontario street from 1984-1989. Just love that city!


What a great day in Chicago, and I like how you did lots of different stuff! I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to Andy Warhol, so I enjoyed perusing your link. His work is so varied and prolific!


Fun, fun, fun! I'll be the Warhol exhibit was fascinating!


I used to work in the library at the Art Institute of Chicago, and it was one of my fave jobs!


Looks like such a fabulous day! You can't beat an art exhibit, food (so cool that part of the menu was Warhol inspired!!) and walking around with friends while drinking mulled cider!


Looks like a lovely day! If you like Andy Warhol, you should come visit Pittsburgh -- the Andy Warhol Museum is here and supposedly has the largest collection dedicated to a single artist in the world!


That looks like such a fun day! I love those souvenir boot mugs!


Perfect weather! What a fun day!


Oh, that sounds fun!! I need a Chicago fix... it's been a while!


Your Chicago trip looks fantastic! Nothing better than the Chicago Art Institute. I have seen some amazing exhibits there, great place to visit in the winter too! And the food...the best.


The trip looks like great fun! I have been bemoaning the lack of Christmas Markets in our area.


everything tastes better when it's served in a special cup!

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