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Flying Off the Needles

Little Miss I'm-Not-Knitting-for-Christmas just wants to say . . . 


those Woodland Loafers just fly off the needles!  (That's a stitches-away-from-being-finished pair in all their unblocked glory there in the photo.)  (And another pair, waiting in the wings.)  (Which is really only a wound ball of yarn at this point, but I know you know what I mean.)

Seriously.  These things are fun to knit, easy (especially once you cut your teeth on the first one), and kind of magical.  If you're looking for a rather quick gift-knit, I recommend these cute little slippers.  It took me about 3.5 hours to knit the first one, but only 2.5 hours for the second.  (There is definitely a learning curve.)  (Plus movie-watching on the first one.)  I'm hoping to make good progress on the 2nd pair today -- I'm heading to Chicago and not driving.  That's hours and hours of knitting time!

If you're doing gift-knitting this year, how's it coming along?


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I really need to make a pair of these. They've been very popular in the Giftalong group on Ravelry, and everyone seems to whip them up very quickly. I just need time to do a dig through my stash to find appropriate yarn!


I'm very tempted to knit a pair of these, hopefully I can get some time this weekend. Have fun in Chicago!


These are so cute!! My son hinted around that he needed new slippers over the weekend and then you posted these on Monday! Casting on in three....two....



I am so tempted...but I don't think I will knit them for Christmas...but later in a more relaxed mode - lol. Have fun in Chicago!!


SO tempted! I have a few skeins of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted and I think Sara would love a pair! but first, must finish little boy sweaters AND a red sweater for Holly (I've been promising her one for years ;-)


Cute slippers! But, no for Christmas knitting. Have a good time in Chicago!!


Your knitting is so tempting, Little Miss I'm-Not-Knitting-for-Christmas! I've got Rikkes 3 and 4 on the needles, and at least two more planned after they are done, but after Christmas, some of my family members just may get new slippers. Enjoy your hours and hours of knitting time!


Those are cute! I'm hoping to get a couple pair of mitts done for Christmas gifts, I'm hopeful!


Oooohhhhh I bought the pattern. I also have car time this weekend. You're a bad influence. But of course I mean that in the nicest way! :-) Have fun in that fabulous city!


I love slippers. You've convinced me!!

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