The Christmas Way-Back Machine: Day 3
The Choice is Ours

Auld Lang Syne

Well, friends.  Here we are.  At the end of 2019!


I love hearing Auld Lang Syne each New Year's Eve . . . even though I don't exactly know what the words mean.  (Does anybody?  Click here for a tutorial.)  I have always understood it to be about friendship, though.  Celebrating the turn of the new year by remembering old friends.  And reminiscing about old times.  And sharing a cup o' kindness.  Together.

So, cheers, my friends!

Thanks for being here.  
For becoming my "old friends."  
For sharing this cup o' kindness.

Happy New Year!



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Happy New Year, Kym!


I have always loved Guy Lombardo's rendition of Auld Lang Syne but I heard a new one this year that I think might be my favorite now. It's by Annalise Emerick and it's called This Love Won't Break Your Heart. Happy New Year, my dear friend.


Wow, Guy Lombardo - I think my parents had all of his records ...

Happy New Year to you and yours, Kim! I really hope that it will be a good one. Please give those pups a New Year's kiss from me.


Kim / kimmiekat

Happy New Year, Kym! 2019 was a doozy. Hoping for a great 2020 for you and yours!


Happy New Year, Kym!! Cheers!


Happy New Year, Kym! (my favorite Auld Lang Syne is from the first Sex and the City movie ... have you seen it?


Happy New Year Kym and Tom! Here's to 2020 and lots of fun ahead! xo


Cheers Kym & Tom. Happy New Year. May 2020 bring joy to us all!


Happy New Year, Kym. Here’s hoping 2020 will bring the peace and justice the world so needs.
Ps: on the subject of favorite versions of auld Lang syne, I nominate Jon Batiste and Stay Human’s performance. From the mysterious opening to the rockin’ finish, it’s New Orleans through and through!
Life in all its mystery.
Happy 2020!


Happy New Year, dear friend. This year I want to be better at connecting, continuing, and strengthening ties with friends and family. Last year was such a wreck. Here's to a fabulous 2020!!


Happy New Year, Kym! Maybe it's because it reminds me of 20/20 vision or because it's nicely even, but I hope 2020 is a great year!


Happy new year, Kym! It has been a wonderful gift of 2019 to have gotten to know you (even if only online)!


Happy 2020 to you Kym. I enjoyed reading your Christmas journal stories. Wonderful memories.Looking forward to learning about your 2020 word!


Happy New Year, Kym.

I'll take a cup of that kindness, then share it 'round.

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