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Thursdays are for Gratitude

(I'm grateful every day . . . but in November, I blog about it, too.)


Today, as I was walking with JoJo through the leaf-piles in my neighborhood . . . watching a few snowflakes dance in the air . . . and trying not to think about my cold feet . . . 

I thought about what a wonderful day it is.  And how much I have to be grateful for!


  • A safe and beautiful neighborhood to walk in.
  • An energetic pup to coax me into the leaves (where the crunching is best) (and apparently the smells, too).
  • Inside warmth and a hot cup of tea when I return home.

What are you grateful for today?


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Sounds like a perfect morning to me! But...snowflakes in the air??? I guess it could happen here any time now...


I'm grateful for some great yarn, plenty of knitting, and a second chance to visit Ryan (even if it was due to a car accident). Silver linings!


I'm grateful for being able to get Dan home when necessary (next week!) and my wonderful in-law family!


Holly LOVES the smells in pinestraw and leaves ... it's so much fun to crunch with her! (that's making my gratitude list today for "routine" things that bring me joy!)


The sound of crunching leaves is truly something to be grateful for. And I think I'll go make myself a cup of tea to enjoy as I close out the work week.


What a lovely post!


I am grateful for you for sharing that sweet puppy face! Also for wool today, because it's chilly out there!


On my walk today I saw a "Rock of Kindness". It made my morning.


Walking in November brings much to be thankful for - but most especially a nice hot cup of tea at walks end is the best!


Today I am most grateful for my Mom. This is her birthday. She was a remarkable woman - a registered nurse - wonderful mother - best friend - life-long learner, lover of humor and music and much more. I am fortunate to be her daughter and I miss her like crazy. I am also thankful for a blue sky and the means to go buy pretty much whatever I wanted at the grocery store today. (Even though I gripe about having to go get groceries.)


That crunch of leaves as been my reward for walking. The temperatures here are in the 60s (yay!) and yesterday I walked Mylo, who was very sweet and tried to be "good" and not pull on the lease. I'm almost Thankful for my knee, but another week and I'll be able to sing its praises.

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