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New Box of Crayons

When I was a little girl, my favorite thing in the world . . . was a new box of crayons.  (I was giddy the first time I got a Crayola box of 64 crayons -- with built-in sharpener!)  (Remember those?)


It shouldn't surprise any knitters reading this . . . that I jumped feet first right into this brand new "box of crayons" . . . 


Although the colors are quite off in this photo (because it's so dang dark anymore), you can see that I'm having a really good time with this.

I may even be slightly obsessed.  

Just like I used to be with a new box of Crayons!




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This is too cute. I am very impressed with your knitting choices! And, yes it is difficult to photograph anything this time of year!


The only thing missing is the delightful smell of a new box of crayons. So colorful (and not-a-gray cardigan)!


LOVE this! My Guide finally arrived yesterday (I thought it had gotten lost in the mail). I need to finish the socks for my brother...and the blanket for Colin...then I can PLAY!

A BIG box of crayons was the best gift!


The box with the sharpener...best thing ever. Crazy the things that were so enviable! Love this Kym...your sense for color is so great!


Wow - you've made a lot of progress on that already! I loved that box of crayons with the built in sharpener.


So fun!!


Omg! The newest Mason Dixon Field guide! I have been resisting a yarn kit of Rowan felted tweed since the release of the latest field guide. Despite your lovely picture, I holding firm to only purchase the field guide! I have some Jameson Shetland in my stash that I might be able to use for a knitted pillow in some of the great designs. And yes nothing better than a new box of crayons especially the 64 count! Still makes me swoon.


LOVE!! Too cute! (And, absolutely - I remember that big box of crayons!)


I was just looking at that Hoboken - beautiful patterns


How fun! I love the colors and the comparison to new crayons. I too loved the box of 64 crayons with a sharpener. I was the oldest of four and crayons were community property. When I went away to college, I bought myself my own box!


I dithered too long to get in on an order, but I am enthralled with the book and would love to knit up something! I just can't decide which one to do!


your excitement is just plain ... exciting! :-)


A new box of crayons + a ream of newsprint - we lived in Muskegon where there was a paper mill and one could get a ream for a quarter (I seem to recall). Heaven! For Days! Love your 2019 interpretation of that new box of crayons!

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