The Big Wrap-Up: Just Mercy

Monday. Again.

Here we go!  It's time to . . . 


Here are some things I stumbled across or thought about this weekend. . . 


A Quote
(or . . . My New Motto!)

"The critical ingredient is getting off your butt and doing something. It’s as simple as that."
   --- Nolan Bushnell



A Word

I had decided to take this week off . . . and not share a new word with you.  I figured that you might be tired of these goofy words I post on Monday mornings, and I'd just give it a rest for a week.

But then this word showed up in an article I was reading last night.  And I just couldn't help myself.  (So many vowels!  So unusual!)


(And now, of course, I can't even remember which article. . . )

Anyway.  How about that.  Maieutic.  Another word for the Socratic method!

Now.  I don't know about you, but I went through more than half my life never hearing about - let along using - the Socratic method.  We never talked about or used it when I was in high school or college.  But my kids did!  Both of my kids went through the International Baccalaureate (IB) program in high school -- and they regularly used the Socratic method in their classes.

No one called it maieutic, though.

(How about you?  Have you ever used the Socartic method? And if yes, did know it was maieutic?)


A [Thanksgiving] Factoid

Remember that episode of Seinfeld . . . where Jerry and his pals feed Jerry's girlfriend turkey dinners so they can play with her toy collection?  (I'm afraid you'll have to click here for a reminder.  Although I tried to include that 32-second clip from the episode here, Typepad formatting goes haywire with embedding, so you'll have to click through instead.)


Well, it turns out that tryptophan doesn't actually make you sleepy!  According to House Beautiful magazine, here's the real scoop:

"On Thanksgiving Day, you probably prepare yourself mentally knowing you’ll be tired after eating turkey, but the holiday bird isn’t actually to blame. Instead, the reason you can’t imagine doing else but watching football on the couch is because you over-ate. In fact, Dr. Daniel Barone tells Business Insider it's actually called "postprandial fatigue. Simply put, he says this means 'after you've had a big meal your body goes into basically shutdown mode and sleep gets promoted.'"

How about that?  Now you know!

For 14 more fun Thanksgiving facts, click here.



Although I tend to keep my Thanksgiving menu pretty much the same from year to year, I've decided to add something to my line up this year.  It's this recipe -- Twice-Baked Sweet Potatoes from Ina Garten's Make It Ahead cookbook.  Not only does it look super tasty, but . . . I can make it ahead.  Always a good thing when it comes to Thanksgiving!

How about you?  Are you trying anything new this year for your holiday meals?


I hope your Monday is off to a great start!


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That's a beautiful refrigerator! :-) I had teachers in both high school and college that used the Socratic method but have never heard the word maieutic. I'm not sure I'll have a chance to use it soon, but I'll be ready in case someone asks me questions at the grocery store. My new thing for Thanksgiving this year is that I'm brining the turkey. I'm anxious to see if it makes a difference.


Thanks to your last post my fridge is now sparkling and clean - Just in time for the turkey mess.


Bravo on that fridge!! (just in time for Fridge Chaos Season! lol) I have been basking in mine all weekend!

(and I knew nothing about the Socratic Method...) But Seinfeld FTW!

Have an awesome Monday!


Look at that fridge! I've heard of the Socratic Method but I can't say I'm familiar with it enough to actually know what it is. Hooray for Seinfeld, it was such a great show. And those potatoes sound great. I'm making the pies for Thanksgiving and as much as I'd love to change things up it's just not allowed. Everyone must have their favorite.


I'm always the pie maker for our family Thanksgiving meal. There will be fewer of us around the table this year so I just have to make two pies, apple and pumpkin, because they are everyone's favorites.
Those twice baked sweet potatoes look so good!


Don’t you love a clean frig! But yes I do need to get myself psyched up to do it. So many new words! Who knew! No new dishes for Thanksgiving. This is an off year as we are down 7 family members who will be at the in laws or traveling. Everyone has their assignments so all is good. Yummy sweet potatoes!


Cleaning the frig was one of my weekend chores, too...and, I had - drum roll pls - this idea to line the glass shelves with wax paper; that way I could just remove and, I've not done it but do plan to give it a try. As for T-Day: I'm fixin' old standbys: corn pudding and a gelatin sour cream mold. Other folk are doing the heavy liftin!

Margene Smith

My brain is not big enough to absorb the Socratic method. I get the gist, but it blows my mind (I am an old hippie). The twice backed sweet potatoes are something I MUST make.

kathy b

trying again: Someone better make me the cream cheese chocolate chip ball on Jeannie Gray Knits site today


That's a wonderful new word -- so many vowels! When I was in college, I took a legal studies class (basically an intro to what law school is like) at the business school, and it was taught like a traditional law class, with the Socratic method and an old curmudgeon of a professor who called us all "Mr. ___" or "Miss ___ ." It was a tough class but really interesting, and the professor ended up writing me a recommendation for grad school.

Good job on cleaning out the fridge! I think you were subconsciously putting it off so you'd have a clean fridge in time for Thanksgiving! I'm not making anything new this year (we're in charge of the pumpkin muffins, green bean casserole, and roasted Brussels sprouts), but I did get some purple sprouts in addition to the traditional green to make things a little more exciting.


I love both the New Dish AND Make-Ahead concepts for Thanksgiving. Here’s mine for 2019 (a prep ahead vs make-ahead, but super easy and new to our table!) Balsamic Roasted Red Onions with Thyme from
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


I love your words!! :)

I still have a bin full of carrots from our CSA, so glazed carrots is on my Thanksgiving menu for the first time!

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