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Let It Flow

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I know.  I know.  It's not a cardigan, and it's not gray.  But I did finish a thing . . . and it might be one of my favorite things ever.  And just in time, too.  Because winter showed up this week, and I can use all the wool I can get.


(On Monday we had a snow storm.  Yesterday, it was clear.  Sunshine and blue skies even.  But then the lake effect snow machine turned on at pretty much the same time Tom and I had our one opportunity to do a knitting-photo-shoot while there was still light.  So here I am . . . in the pouring snow!)

It only took me a couple of rows to "get" why Andrea Mowry's "shifty" designs are so popular!  Oh, my -- what fun this was to knit!  All those colors.  All that texture.  And a great, satisfying end result.

I had a "yarn palette" of 7 lovely Briar Rose colors to play with -- and then . . . I just let it flow!


Let it grow, let it grow. . . 
Let it blossom, let it flow.
In the sun, the rain, the snow. . . 
Love is lovely, let it grow.


(Ravelry details here.)

So.  Gray cardigan next?
(Not a chance. . . )


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It's stunning, absolutely stunning! It's so colorful, goes with everything, and even the photos in the snow are perfect. I'm enjoying your not-a-gray-cardigan knitting and it looks like you really are!
P.S. The pastries are all gone, but I did bake blueberry muffins this morning. Everyone is welcome to stop by for more Just Mercy discussion and a warm muffin!


Beautiful!! I love all the colors and, as Bonny says, it will go with absolutely EVERYTHING!! Perfect timing for finishing it up.


Love Love! Love! And the notch! :-)


It's really gorgeous (and gorgeous on you!), and frankly the snow makes the photo shoot!


Oh my, I LOVE THIS!! And, I immediately clicked away to buy the pattern about an hour ago... without saying so!! FANTASTIC!!!


Beautiful! I love the colors and the design!

Linda Wabanimkee

Love the colorful shawl! Awesome!


It looks amazing! I'm glad you liked knitting it - I still say that my Shift Cowl is one of the most fun things I have EVER knit.


So beautiful! Looks like you'll have ample opportunities to love wearing it.

kathy b

I LOVE your blog. I LOVE Your photos. I LOVE that shawl. Wows. I love your hair. I had mine platinum silvered last week.


GORGEOUS!! I can almost *feel* the squishiness!! I might have to move that up in my queue!


So pretty - you and the shawl. The colors are gorgeous together. So here we go into winter, ready or not. Maybe gray sweaters are overrated. ;-)


oh boy do I LOVE that FO!! it's a bright spot in any landscape and WOW does it bring your smile to life :-) also loving the "not another gray cardigan" promise ... I'm making that one, too!


The shawl is amazing but I have to say the snow is the best possible addition to this post! I adore these photos of you!


Wow. So-o fun. These Shift patterns look like they are going to be classics. On my list!


The snow created the perfect backdrop for your photoshoot! I LOVE the colors of you used! Not only is the wrap beautiful but it looks perfectly warm and cozy!

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