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It's All About Adaptation

According to various websites, hibernation is . . .

  • "a way for many creatures – from butterflies to bats – to survive cold, dark winters without having to forage for food or migrate to somewhere warmer. Instead, they turn down their metabolisms to save energy." (Discover Wildlife)
  • "a state of inactivity and metabolic depression in endotherms." (Wikipedia)
  • "a state of greatly reduced metabolic activity and lowered body temperature adopted by certain mammals as an adaptation to adverse winter conditions." (

Why this little lesson on . . . hibernation?


It has suddenly become winter here in my corner of the world.  Like . . . January-winter in early November.  Very. Cold.   Couple that with the ever-increasing darkness, and  . . . well . . . I feel like it's time to hibernate!  Or at least to hunker down inside.


My life changes a good deal when the cold settles in.  My entire diet changes, for example. My food cravings are different.  I cook and prepare meals I would never even dream of making in the warm months.  I sleep more.  I go to bed earlier and I'm much more inclined to take a nap now and again.  I wear shoes -- and socks (!) -- and so many layers.  I bring out the twinkle lights and the candles.  I have more frequent tea-breaks.  I escape to the movies.

I definitely adapt!  
(It may not - technically speaking - be hibernation.  But it's pretty darn close!)

How about YOU?  What do you do . . . to get through the cold, dark winter?  


And Knitters?  If you haven't already seen it (and already ordered it. . . ), be sure to visit Ann and Kay today and check out their newest Field Guide.  Because . . . it's a Stunner!  (And, well . . . I can clearly see that there will be more Not-A-Gray-Cardigans in my near knitting future.)

Enjoy your weekend.
See you on Monday!


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I find myself declining meetings after 5pm (and all the darkness) and cooking lots of soup.


I'm in bed by 9:00 every night now! Also...nothing happens after work. I come home, I sit, I knit or watch or read and go to bed. Rinse and repeat! :-) And yes to the tea!


You have the cold that gripped us the last week of October. "January like" was so hard to take! It's now 60 and I hope the warmth heads your way, too. My winter hibernation period started early because of "the knee". Cozy blankets, the larger shawls cover my shoulders, and I root vegetables are more often part of the meal plan.


Lots of soups and stews and comfort food (like home-made macaroni & cheese). Naps (of course I nap year round). Candles and little lights. Shawls and throws all over the place!

And, yes, the latest Field Guide is AMAZING!!!


Although I love to hunker down, wrap myself in a blanket and read all day, I do make myself get outside for a walk every day...even if it is just a short walk. That seems to give me more energy on these dark, cold days.


Well you know me - I rejoice! I love cozy, cold, dark evenings. I love cold weather foods. And I love not being hot. :-)


I probably cook more filling meals in the winter. Less salads. More soups.

Other than that pretty much goes on as usual, just with more layer of clothing.


I love the twinkle lights, candle lights of the winter days. I also love more layers, socks, and yes... earlier to bed times!


It's cold here, too, about 30 below normal. I'm about twinkle lights year round but I light more (unscented these days) candles but layer up the couches and bed with extra blankets and cozy pillows. And I claim the spot on the couch next to the wood stove as MINE. Let's hope this cold snap is temporary!


I am reading this on Saturday morning, over my bowl of oatmeal and coffee, where it is currently 25F outside. It does not feel like November! I am definitely feeling the need to hibernate and to wear all the woolly things. We don't keep the house too warm (both my husband and my daughter run warm), I am used to wearing wool socks and extra layers during the colder months. But there's also more soups and stews on the stove and things roasting in the oven!


ok, so Not a Gray Cardigan - are you going for that steeked throw?! ;-) I do love Kaffe's color sense, but whoa, his patterns are honestly my idea of knitters hell (even thinking about all those ends makes me twitch). That said, I love your take on hibernation. especially the tea breaks and the naps!


How can it already be time to hunker in, but yet it is...goodness, it was just Sumer it seems. Like you, it's been very cold up here (14 degrees Friday Morning) and the trees are now bare. The browns and grey of November have taken over. I like to light up my twinkle lights and my hygge candle warmers to bring some warmth and comfort during these long dark months that seem to last forever here in Northern New Hampshire.


Very cold in our neck of the woods too. I put on my pajamas much earlier in the evening and go to bed earlier. And hot tea and more hot tea and soup. I'd really like to bake up a storm - but it is best not to get started on cookies, sweet bread and rolls. Those sweet carbs are a rabbit hole.

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