Read With Us: Book Discussion Week 1
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Fiber-y Goodness

Many years ago (thanks to the "search" feature here on the blog, I see it was 2013), I went to a workshop and learned needle felting.  I made a sorta-cute-but-also-sorta-creepy ornament thing.  And then I put away my newly-acquired needle felting tools, intending to try it again sometime, but . . . well . . . not trying it again.

Fast forward to the Michigan Fiber Festival last August.  I was shopping the vendors with my friend Karen, and we stumbled into one of the most lovely, inviting, and charming booth set-ups I have ever seen . . . for an Ann Arbor company called Felted Sky.  It was ALL needle felting stuff:  kits, supplies, wool.  And the kits were super cute!

Before I knew it, I had a couple of kits in my hand (this one and this one) . . . and I was checking out!  Totally ready to go home and retrieve my plastic bin of needle felting supplies from the depths of my "craft closet."

Yesterday afternoon, I fiber-sculpted some pumpkins!  Beginning with wool . . . 


and moving on to shaping and felting with a needle.


Needle felting is really fun -- and very forgiving.  There are always chances to add a bit more shape, whittle it down here and there, poke it to get just what you're looking for.

And adding the roving makes it kind of magical!


After a couple of hours, I had one finished pumpkin, one ready-for-the-details pumpkin, and one shaped blob that will become a pumpkin.

Very satisfying.  Kind of addictive.  (Like any craft in the fiber "line!") (And I only stabbed myself once.)  Plus . . . charming little nuggets of fiber-y goodness when you're done!


Have you ever tried needle felting?  If you've got any little niggling desire to give it a try, I highly recommend the kits from Felted Sky.  They include everything you need to get started (except the foam mat; you'd need to buy one of those separately) - including needles.  The kits come with complete and detailed step-by-step written instructions including color photos --- and links to video demonstrations, should you need them.

I'm hooked!  (Maybe this time I won't just shove my needle felting bin to the depths of the "craft closet" . . . )


Read With Us

I thank you all for your thoughtful and insightful comments so far for our first Read With Us book discussion I truly wish we could all be together, talking about this book in my living room!  I can see that . . . there are true limitations to replying to comments IN the comments section, at least when it comes to my Typepad blog, so my apologies for the cumbersome nature of this discussion.  Please continue to comment and discuss the book on yesterday's post --- while I figure out the settings to make replying to comments IN the comments work.  (Because I've run into an issue.  But I'm working on it!)



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Those are so stinking cute! I know that Read With Us will evolve, there's nothing wrong with not getting it perfectly right from the start.


Those pumpkins are so cute! And I want to see your succulent garden! I have a needle felted toadstool that is a pincushion. My SiL bought it for me and I love it, but I don't think I'm going to add another craft to my collection...I'm not even going back to the Felted Sky web site!!


I've only done a little bit of needle felting, but I too find it a lot of fun. I've always wanted to knit a pair of those felted clogs that everyone was making years back and embellish them with needle felting.


I was determined to resist but then I went to the Felted Sky site. Fall leaves, snowmen, and Christmas ornaments! Thanks for the fibery goodness!


Those are just adorable!! And, that might just be a fun little "palate cleanser" and a great way to do a wee bit of decorating for Thanksgiving!


Cute little pumpkin!!!

kim in oregon

Love the pumpkins!


Sooo cute! Not looking though...nope. Not looking! :-)


But those little felted trees...xo


Really nice pumpkin! As for the Ornament Thing. Given the colors, looks like it might work for Mardi Gras. Just throw some beads on it. (If you still have it.)


I did try needle felting oh so many years ago, but never opted to buy supplies. I KNEW I'd end up with holes in my fingers. Your pumpkin is just charming!!


Love the pumpkin! but not looking ;-)

Carolyn S Thomas

Ah, yes...LOVE needle felting! We did it for about 5 years straight, almost, while Waldorf schooling. A few things I love about it: great for any level of crafter, nearly instant gratification, super forgiving, and...wet felting! Have you tried any wet felting yet? A great holiday hostess gift is a bar of wet felted soap. (And gorgeous pumpkins, BTW. Did you blend the orange & yellow wool, or did it come that way?

Carolyn S Thomas

how funny...I followed your link and see you HAVE done wet felting :) Now I'm feeling like I should get my needle out and do some poking.

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