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Circling Back . . . Late on a Friday

Today is one of those Fridays . . . where I'm just completely taken aback by the fact that it's already 3:30 . . . and I'm just now sitting down at my computer to finish this blog post.  Really.  Where did this day GO?  

Before the sun goes down (which, these days  . . . isn't too long from now), I want to circle back and catch up with you.  

But first . . . take a look at this.  FALL!  Happening now!  Right outside my window.


This may not look so unusual to you.  But for me?  It is super weird to walk into my living room and see this glowing, gold tree through the window.  It's usually very green out that window, so that golden glow really catches your attention right now.  (It's a larch - or tamarack - tree.  They are deciduous conifers . . . which means their soft needles turn golden and then fall off come fall -- leaving a rather dead-looking tree behind for the winter.  Kind of magical. Except in the winter.)


In Halloween news, I'm happy to report that our candy leftovers (surprisingly few -- despite our rotten trick-or-treat weather last night) (kids just don't mind crappy weather, y'know?) are bagged up and in Tom's car . . . ready for delivery to the curling club.


Last Friday I wrote about our former foreign exchange student, Dominik, and how he was marrying a young woman he met while he was in high school here.  The wedding was really lovely!  The setting was the Henderson Castle in Kalamazoo -- a venue I've always wanted to visit, but so far . . . had not.


It was a small gathering -- intimate and romantic and just perfect!

IMG_0021 3

The happy couple!

IMG_6514 2

I'm so glad we had the chance to be at the wedding and spend some time with Dominik and his new wife.  I did have a chance to meet Dominik's real mom, who is just lovely.  She doesn't speak English and I don't speak Czech, but we managed to communicate without any problem.

What was really, really cool . . . is that the Henderson Castle has a rooftop patio . . . with great views of Kalamazoo.  What a treat! It was a wonderful place to watch the sunset.  (And take photos of each other, too.)



In not-really-circling-back news . . . but great news all the same . . .
Lauren got a major treat on Halloween!
She found out that . . .


Woo! Hoo!
(And, yeah.  That's one of the rooftop photos from the wedding.)


The knitting I showed on Wednesday?  It's Andrea Mowry's Nightshift -- a pattern so endlessly entertaining I'll miss it when I'm finished.


And . . . lastly . . . it's November.  (I know, right?)  So how did I do on my October monthly bucket list?

Not so hot.  


I did . . . okay.  I guess.  I did inch ever closer to finishing that Alabama Chanin tunic (like it's 7/8 finished now, probably), so . . .  Progress.  And I'm going to go cut out those leggings right after I hit "publish."  That fridge, though????  (Watch for it to still be there on my November list.)


Have a great weekend -- and I'll see you on Monday.  (No NaBloPoMo for me.  But be sure to join Vicki as she undertakes the challenge again this year.)



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Okay... I am slightly concerned about your poor dear refrigerator! And, I say November is the month of new leggings!

Have a great weekend and yay for passing the bar exam!!


I'm not concerned about your refrigerator as mine hasn't been thoroughly cleaned in forever! Maybe I'll put it on my November list. Congratulations to Lauren for passing the bar!


Congratulations all around. Beautiful photos. The fridge - it will be there when you get to it - until then I say don't give it another thought. Now about those leggings - you could use them this winter - just saying - or you could purchase a pair. Happy Friday.


HOORAY FOR LAUREN! That's awesome and I'm sure she must be super relieved to not have to think about that anymore. The wedding venue looks lovely, too. As for your list, I would think that the solstice party would be a great incentive to get your fridge cleaned out. Just sayin.

Kim Sheehan

This is a post full of happiness. And I love the bride's dress.


I love the fact "clean fridge" is moving, once again, to a new month. It helps me feel a bit less intimidated by your seemingly boundless energy!


Congrats to Lauren -- that's a major accomplishment!

I'm thinking that November is a good time to clean the fridge, before Thanksgiving and all! ;-)


I find myself most days thinking just that around 3:30 or 4:00 (and whew - it's already 2:45 today!) ... I am still trying to find a good time to catch up with y'all. I have kind of a love/hate relationship with my schedule - I love that it's flexible and a mix of all kinds of things I (mostly) love. but I hate that almost every day offers up a different start/stop time and some days are full of unscheduled time and some days have none. It makes all but the earliest and latest routines of the day hard to manage. Thank you for being patient with me!

Congratulations to Lauren and to Dominik and his new wife. Those are two wonderful things to celebrate for sure!


Big congrats to Lauren. I'm sure she is over the moon!!!

Beautiful photos. The view out your window is spectacular.

I *had* a beautiful view out my window until Thursday. A wind storm blew through and now it already looks a lot like winter. YIKES!

Carolyn S Thomas

Seeing your Fridge to-do every month gives me a really great giggle. So please don't get to it TOO soon...! :)



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