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It's been a while since I've written a post about fitness and wellness.  (Like with exercise itself, sometimes we get off track, y'know?)  So as I head out this morning for an early spin class and probably some weight work (I don't really feel like it right now, but I really ought do it anyway. . . ), I thought this would be a good time to check in with you.


How are you doing with your fitness these days?  
What's working for you?  
Or . . . what's not working for you?
Do you have any progress or new goals you want to share?

Let's . . . check in!


And . . . head over to Bonny's today for more Read With Us.  This week, Bonny is hosting our continuing discussion of Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson.  (I hear she has pastries . . . )




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I do have virtual pastries, the kind that don't sabotage fitness and wellness goals! Which is a good thing because fitness becomes harder for me in the fall and winter. Walking is a big part of what I do, and as good as my intentions may be, I'm not walking today in the rain, snow, and cold temps. But I'm trying something new, so there may be yoga this afternoon!


I am giving thanks today for what I can now say is a habit - snowy, windy, bitterly cold but none of that stopped my walk. I even walked fast enough to work up a good sweat! I am energized and refreshed - a curious combination! (AND!! I even had some of Bonny's amazing virtual pastries - they are the best!)


I've been MIA at the gym for the past month or so ..............but, got back at it on Sunday. It felt SO good.

Your gym has TRX??? Wish mine did. I love working with those.


I have not been doing ANYTHING!!! And I need to. The past month and a half has been so freakin busy/crazy for me. Maybe soon I can get back into a habit.

kim in oregon

I've been trying to walk 2-3 miles 3-4x per week and do 3 hours of yoga per week. I'm probably closer to 2 hours of yoga, but doing ok on the walking.


I've upped my weights in an attempt to get a little stronger. The knees aren't so sure about it but the biceps should be suns out guns out acceptable by spring! :-) And how cute are those ducks on the side!


darn it, I just checked in with Bonny and FORGOT to get a pastry ;-)

My exercise routine is going great these days, thanks to the treadmill and The Balanced Life. I LOVE being able to get a well-rounded workout done in an hour ... without having to leave my house.


Well, I did that fitness routine you recommended - including the jumping jacks - and I was feeling good about it except that it gave me a lot of knee pain. And that was not good so I stopped. Now that it's better I want to try again but I need to find something that won't hurt my knee until it's stronger. I do kind of think it was the jumping jacks that did me in, I think the strength training stuff was ok.

kathy b

The barn a few times a week gives me ample exhausting physical workouts. During my posts and email reads in the a.m. , I am standing because I've decided I sit too much on non barn days!

Debbie Orechwa

I have been reading your blog for years, and your outlook on working out makes me want to comment. I am 66 years old and have only been working out daily in the past 8 years. I walk most days and do yoga stretches daily. After reading your previous posts about core strength, I have added pushups to my daily routine, starting slowly. I am amazed at the difference! I am sore almost daily, but it's a good body thanking me. Thank you for encouraging others to move your body!

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