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Another Monday.  Let's get it started . . .



With a Quote

"If today were the last day of your life, would you do what you were going to do today?"
  --- Steve Jobs



And Some Timely Words


Yes!  You can click here for a nifty guide to 10 words and terms associated with . . .  impeachment.  Each word/term is defined -- and you can read background information for each one. (Test your knowledge!  Stay ahead of the news cycle!  Impress your friends!)  

The words?  Impeachment.  Treason.  Bribery.  High Crimes and Misdemeanors.  Suborn.  Perjury.  Obstruction of Justice.  Supermajority.  Corruptionist.  Maladministration.


And Something to Read


Many of us are trying to form or create new habits -- habits that will make us happier and healthier.  But . . . it's hard!  And our attempts don't always (probably more like usually) don't work.  Ever wonder why?  

Here's an article that explains the difference between habits . . . and routines.  

According to the article, a habit is a behavior done with little or no thought, while a routine is a series of actions regularly followed -- and we need to accept that only certain kinds of behaviors can become habits.  

I thought this was a fascinating explanation, and an interesting perspective. (Sorry, Gretchen.  Even signing up for your newsletters or using your "accountability app" cannot help us change routines into habits, no matter our tendency.)  It makes me realize . . . that my going to the gym is NOT a habit.  It is a routine! 


And a Factoid
(a true and not even trivial FACT)

It was back in 1974 (I was in 9th grade, just for some perspective) that the Equal Credit Opportunity Act made it illegal for banks to refuse women credit cards without a husband's signature.


And that's it for today!
I hope your week is off to a good start!